Amigurumi Cute Dog Free Pattern

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We will need beige yarn, black yarn, light beige, grey and brownish red, hook number 1.5. Knit columns without a scale-(art.) 
Dial two VP, in the second loop from the hook to tie 6 art. In each row evenly add 6 art., if not said otherwise. 
2 p.-12 art. 
3 R.-18 art. 
4 St-24 art. 
5 art.-30 art. 
6 р.-36 art. 
7 -8 R.-42 art. 
9-11 R.-48 Art. 
We're starting to kill. 
12-13 R.-42 art. 
14 р.-36 art. 
15 р.-30 art. 
16 -18 р.-24 art. 
19 р.-18 art. 
20 p.-12 art. 
21 р.-6 art. 
Do not sew the remaining hole. 
Dial 2 VP, the second from the Hook Loop to tie 6 art. We start to make a raise in each row-add 6 bars evenly. 
2 p.-12 art. 
3r-18 art. 
4 p.-24 art. 
5 p.-30 art. 
6-7 R.-36 art. 
8 р.-42 art. 
9-11 R.-48 Art. 
We're starting to do the ubcaps. 
12-13 R.-42 art. 
14-15 R.-36 art. 
16-17 p.-30 art. 
18-26 p.-24 art. 
Do not sew the remaining hole. 
Front Paws-2 details. 
Dial 2 VP, the second from the Hook Loop to tie 6 St., then start to make a raise. 
2 p.-12 art. 
3 R.-18 art. 
4-5 R.-18 art. 
6 p.-Reduce evenly 6 St. = 12 art. 
7 p.-Reduce evenly 2nd. = 10 art. 
8-22 p.-10 art. 
Rear legs-2 parts. 
Dial 2 VP, the second from the Hook loop to tie 8 art. Add 8 art. 
2 p.-16 art. 
3 R.-24 Art. 
4-5 p.-24 art. 
6 R.-Reduce 8 art. = 16 art. 
7 R.-Reduce 3 art. = 13 art. 
8-12 p.-13 art. 
Ears-2 parts. 
Dial 2 VP, the second from the hook Loop tie 4 art. 
2 p.-4 art. 
3 -4 р.-8 art. 
5-6 p.-12 art. 
7-10 p.-16 art. 
Dial 2 VP, the second from the hook Loop tie 5 art. 
2 p.-5 art. 
3-7 R.-7 art. 
8-10 p.-10 art. 
Dial 2 v. P, in the second of the hook Loop tie 6 art. 
2 -3 р.-12 art. 
4-7 R.-18 art. 
8 p.-22 art. 
These are the details after we're all tied up. 
Now it is denser to fill all the details of the synth, except the ears. 
Here's what's going to happen. 
Sew the head with a calf, sew legs rear and front, tail, ears and face. 
Now it is necessary to embroider with black threads a spout and to sew eyes-beads. 
In the next step we will build up the wool. To do this, take the threads of the Floss, insert into a needle, introduce a needle with a thread in each loop, starting with the spout, stretch the thread to the desired length and tie the knot, the excess thread cut. Do not forget that then we will cut our dog, so it is not a problem, if the threads are not perfectly equal length. Not bad to put a picture of the dog to pick up the strings bloom. Usually the muzzle of the Yorks is reddish. So take a little redhead and a lot of beige thread, about two threads light-one redhead. Next-to your taste. 
At first, the dog will be funny, but then, as the Hornets build up, begins to find beauty. 
While she's shaggy. But we'll trim it. 
Now you can just try to comb the dog. Put her on the stick. To determine the color and location of the Strand. 
For the head, on the contrary, take thicker gray thread, thinner-light, the head of Yorks Serovataya. The back of some, especially puppies, black, in adult dogs-gray. I made a black back. 
Legs grow a reddish thread, adding a little light. 
Now we cut our dog, using a photo of a real dog, comb the blunt end of the needle. 
Our wonderful baby York is ready!

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