Amigurumi Christmas Snake

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Head-torso. Crochet 4 rev. n the chains and we will knit around the chain with circular knitting with single crochets, we will also add and subtract the head loops on the sides of the chain. 
1 p. to tie a chain of 8 p. 
2 p. double the number of loops. 
3 p. without changes . 
4 p. add 1 p. on both sides. 
5, 6,7,8 rows unchanged. 
9 p. add 1 p. on both sides of 
10 p. add 2 points on both sides. (evenly, that is, after 1 p) 
11 p. no change 
12 p. add 2 p on both sides (evenly, that is, after 1 p.) 
13p. without changes. 
14 p. reduce by 3 on both sides and 1 in the middle. 
15 r. without changes.
16 r. Reduce the loops evenly so that in the end there is only 15 p. 

Do not forget to fill the snake with padding polyester !!! 
17r. without changes. 
18 r. turn down 3 loops evenly, as a result, 12 
sections from 19 to 158 r remain unchanged (alternating yarn from 19 rubles. We knit 2 rows of black with a hook, 1 row of white and 4 lime rows, etc.). 
159p subtract 1 p. 
From 160 to 165 unchanged. 
166 r. subtract 1 p. 
from 167 to 172 unchanged. 
173 r. subtract 1 p. 
from 174 to 180 p. without changes. 
181 r. subtract 1 p. 
182 p. close all loops, knitting 2 together. 

Snake muzzle from light green yarn: crochet a chain of 4 up. n., knitting circular around the chain. 
1 p. 6 n. Knit.
2 p. add 1 p. on both sides. 
3 p. add 1 p. on both sides. 
4p. without changes. 
5 r. add 1 p. on both sides. 
6p. add 1 p. on both sides. (fill with padding polyester) 

Snake mouth: light green part: hook 4 turns up. n. chains and knitting forward and back art. b / n 
1 p through 1 rev. to knit a noose 3 p. 
2 p. turn the product in the 2nd p. add 1 p. 
3 p. turn the product, unchanged 
4 p. we turn the product, in the 1st paragraph add 1 p. 
5 p. turn the product, in the 1st paragraph add 1 p. The 

red part: a chain of 3 vozd. knitting forward and back st. b / n like the green part. 
1 p through 1 elev. knit 2 loops.
2 p. in the 2nd paragraph add 1 p 
3 p. without changes. 
4 p. in the 1st p. add 1 p. 
5 p in the 1st p. add 1 p. 
Sew the red part of the snake's mouth onto the green part. 

Eyes: white oval: a chain of 5 air. and crochet 1 row semi-s / n around the chain in circular knitting from 9 -10 p. 
Oval black: chain from 4 rev. n, after 2 rev. n knit 2 loops stolb.b / n. Sew black on the white oval. 

Snake tongue: pink thread to hook a chain of 9 vozd. n. 

Through 1 rev. p. to knit 3 polust.b / n, further from the same thread to dial 4 more vozd.p and also knit through 1 vozd.p. 3 half b / n, and there remains a few rebirth of the p. chain not knitted.

Cap: crochet a thread with a chain of 22. n., we close in a circle a compound. and knit circular knitting. 
1 p. knit polust.s / n 
(2p change the thread to red and knit st.b / n) 
from 2 p to 6 p without changes. 
7 r. reduce by 2 p on both sides of 
8 p. reduce 1 p on both sides 
9 p subtract 1 p on both sides 
10 p unchanged 
11 p. subtract 1 n from both sides 
12 p subtract 1 p from both sides 
13 p. subtract unchanged 
14 p. reduce 1 p on both sides 
15.16 p without changes 
17 p subtract 1 p on both sides 
18 p. without changes 
19 r to lower all and leave a little bit of thread to attach the pumpo.

Pompon: from a yarn shiny with shiny villi, crochet 3 vozd.p chains, lock into a circle and knit into a circular ball. b / n 
1 p. 6p. 
2 p. double loops. 
3 p. no change 
4 p. knit the entire series of 2 n. together, not forgetting sintepon before closing ball 
Attach it on the tip of the hat, the hat hook to the side, and also embroidered with lurex yarn 2013 figures 

for snake Handbag 
red yarn to dial a chain of 7 vozd.p . , knit around the chain circular knitting table.b / n. 
1 p. 1 p. from the hook to knit around the chain 14 p. 
2 p. add 1 p in each corner of the rectangle (that is, 4p total) 
3 p. add 1 p in each corner of the rectangle (i.e., 4 p. in total) = total 22 p.
4 p. no change 
5 p. reduce by 1 p in each of 4 sides 
6 p. no change 
7 p. reduce by 1 p in each of 4 sides 
8 p. no change 
9 p. reduce by 1 p. on both sides. 
10 p. reduce by 1 p. on both sides. 
11 p. turned the bag and knit in the opposite direction polust.s / n. Through each item add 1 p. 
12 r. change the thread on the shiny with villi, knit a half column. b / n, 1 air.p, semi-b / n, 1 aerial, etc., cut the thread. Thread the bag with a padding polyester, tie the bag with a shiny thread, fasten a thread in the shape of a handle and embroider 4 snowflakes on the bag with Lurex thread .

Twist the snake, fasten the rings with a needle and thread in several places, so as not to unwind, sew a muzzle, and under her mouth, eyes, tongue, embroider eyebrows and nostrils. Dress the cap and hang the bag on the tip of the tail. 

Legend: airway - air loop. 
polust b / n polustolbiki without nakida. 
Art.b / n - columns without single 
polust. s / n - semi-column with a crochet. 


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