Crochet Heart Wreath Free Pattern

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It is quick and easy to knit! 

 You will need:

Thick yarn of two colors (red and white);
Hook № 3;
A piece of foam (30 * 30) or a florform in the form of a heart;
Stationery pins (steel with small balls).
Doing the work

1 row. Start knitting with a red thread. Dial 231 air loop and push 1 non-limper column into the second air loop from the hook. Further knit in each air loop on 1 column without a scale. Total 230 loops.

2nd row. Turning the knitting, bring 2 air loops lifting. Further knit on 3 columns with a scale in each loop of the previous row. There should be 690 loops.

We'll turn the knitting. Change the red thread to white.

3 row. * 3 Air loops, no-scale column. Knit from * to the end of the row.  As a result, we get a braid-fryku.

If there is no florform, cut out a heart from Polyfoam. Put the braid zig-zagg on the "cardiac" billet of foam, closing the entire surface and fixing pins.

The upper part of the heart can decorate with a flower of satin ribbons and bows of narrow satin ribbons.

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/3105818/post150224683/

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