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Almost all of us love sweets, especially candies. Someone keeps them in bags, someone in special beautiful due, which are called Konfetnicami. We in this master class on crochet such konfetnicu bind with his hands. Vase, bound by a hook, will always look very unusual, original and festive. This konfetnicu can be put not only in the kitchen, but also in the living room.

For sweets we need:-yarn; Hook -Satin ribbon in the tone of the yarn. 

For convenience in the text there will be abbreviations: A column without a throw-A/b/N. column with crochets-ST/C/1h. Connecting column-c/St. Air loop-in/pet. 

To tie the KONFETNICU, it is better to take the yarn thicker, so that the finished vase kept the shape. If you will knit such konfetnicu thin threads, then it will be necessary to carefully starch it. Such vase decorate any kitchen and bring the atmosphere of the holiday, because it looks very elegant. So, let's start knitting sweets with bottom. To do this, we will collect ten in/pet. The bottom of the sweets will be connected by simple columns, but its lateral parts will be openwork.

Then another three in/pet. And in the fourth loop we will knit ST/C/1h. Then all loops, except the last, bind ST/C/1h. In the last too we will knit ST/S/1h, but there will be seven. And then knit on the other side. In the last loop also knitting seven ST/S/1h.

The next row will be knit like this: three in/pet and then one ST/S/1h in a loop. But except for those that we knitted in the last loop (we have seven of them). Of these we knit fourteen columns. That is, two ST/S/1h in each underlying C/C/1h. Then knit again one ST/S/1h in a loop. And in the last seven-two. In the next row of revenue ST/C/1h to our received fourteen ST/S/1h. And in them knit: ST/C/1h, ST/S/1h. In the next loop-two ST/S/1h. And again one ST/S/1h in a loop two times and again make a raise. On the other hand fit the same. In the next row we also knit ST/C/1h to our additions. Now in these places we will knit, alternating one ST/c/1h in a loop and two ST/S/1h in a loop. That is, there is a raise in the second column. And in the last row we will make a raise in the fifth ST/S/1h of the previous row. Everything else fit similar. The bottom for sweets is ready.

Now we need to link edging. To do this, we will knit a series behind the back walls of the loops of ST/b/N. And then two rows for a full loop without additions all the same ST/b/N.

We start to knit the top part of sweets. and make three in/pet. Here Knit ST/S/1h. And we carry one more in/pet. Now we again have to tie in the same loop two ST/S/1h.

Next we will knit in the fifth loop. And in it knitting two ST/S/1h, one in/pet and two more ST/S/1h. So in a circle. The second such series will knit, going from/to the gap between our four ST/S/1h, that is, start from the/pet of the previous series. Knit exactly the same element, consisting of two ST/S/1h, one in/pet and two more ST/S/1h. Only the third final row changes. Here we knit under in/pet three ST/S/1h.

Next is not one in/pet, and three. And here are three more ST/S/1h.

Between the elements we will knit ST/b/N.

So to the end. Next, take the satin ribbon and cord it through the holes in the very first row of our pattern. Satin ribbon can be taken as a tone of the sweets, and any other color, which will be combined with the main color sweets. Front knitting tie bow. That's the vase hook we get! Now it is possible to put candies and serve them to tea in such original form.

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