Toy Kitten Amigurumi

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Calculation of knitting:

1 row. Magic loop 8 columns. 
2 row. The increase in each column. 
3 row. 1 column, increase. 
4 row. 2 tbsp., Increase. 
5 row. 3 tbsp., Increase. 
6 row 4 tbsp., Increase. If you want to tie a perfectly round ball, then in this row you need to start shifting the increments by one bar. 
7 row. 5 items. Increase. 
8 - 17 row. without changes. 
18 row. 5 article .. subtraction. 
19 row. 4 tbsp., Subtraction. In this series, the reductions also begin to move in order to remove the ribs from the ball. 
20 row. 3 tbsp., Subtraction. 
21 row. 2 tbsp., Subtraction. 
22 row. 1 tbsp. Do not forget to fill the blank with filler. 
23 row. decrease in each column.
24 row Closure.

To be continued!


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