Knitted Goat Free Pattern

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Description of the goat's head. That is used in the suspension.

VP-Air Loop 
St-Column without a scale
D-two columns in one
UB-Two columns together or two loops together
3st in 1-U-3st in one column
D-(spokes) to bind the loop, and then to knit the loop from the loop of the previous row
LG-Facial Surface
 Yarn (grey color) 225m/50g
 Crochet dial 4VP, starting from the 2nd VP 
 1r-2st, 3st in 1, on the other side 1st, D
Put a label
 2r-D, St, 3d, st, 2d = 14
 3r-St, D, St, (St, D) х3, St, (St, d) х2 = 20
 4r-2st, PR, art. (2st, D) х3, art, (2st, d) х2 = 26
 5p-PR, 9st, D, 2st, D, 9st, D, 2st = 30
Go to the spokes suitable in size to the yarn. 
Dial on the spokes: the loop that is on the hook and on the loop of each column, total 31 loops
 7r-6l, (4l, d) х5 = 36
 8r-(5l, d) х6 = 42
 9r-(6l, d) х6 = 48 10-13 pp = 48 (3 rows of LG)
 14r-(1l, UB) х16 = 32
 15r-2l, (UB, 3l) х6 = 26 16-30 pp = 26 (15 rows LG)
 Go to the yarn of grey-blue color 250m/100g
 32 R-12d, 14l = 38 33 R-38
 34 R-(3l, D) х3, (d, 3l) x 3.14 l = 44 35-44 pp = 44
 45 R-(6l, D) x 6.2 L = 50 46-48 pp = 50 fill the filler and then add filling as needed.
 49 R-(6l, UB) x 6.2 L = 44
 50R-(5l, UB) x 6.2 L = 38
 51 R-(4l, UB) x 6.2 L = 32
 52 R-(3l, UB) x 6.2 L = 26
 53 R-(2l, UB) х6, UB = 19
 54 R-(1l, UB) х6, L = 13
 55 The R-Ubavki to the end. and tighten the hinges. Fix and hide the end of the thread.

     Ears (2 pcs) 
Yarn 225m/50g color-yes any!
 1r-6th Ka
 2r-6d = 12 3-4 pp = 12
 5r-(1st, D) х6 = 18
 6r-(2st, d) х6 = 24 13 rows of 24
 Fold both edges and hold them together = 12st, P, VP, 12st, thread fasten, leave end for stitching

    Nostril (2pcs) crochet
Yarn 225m/100g 
Dial 6VP starting from 2nd-D, 3st, D, p, VP
 2r-D, 5st, D, p, VP
 3r-2d, 5st, 2d thread fasten, leave end for stitching
 4r-13th thread of brown color, thread fasten, ends hide

  Horn (2pcs) crochet
Yarn 400m/100g, color I have cornflower
 Crochet 1r-6st ka 2-4 pp = 6
 5r-(1st, D) х3 = 9 6-7 pp = 9
 8-9 pp-2st, 5st1n, 2st = 9
 10r-(2st, d) х3 = 12 11r-4st, 7st1n, 1st = 12 12-15 pp = 12
 Fasten the thread, leave the end for stitching

 Eyes (2 pcs) 
Threads 260-300m/50g
Blue color, crochet
 1r-6th Ka
 2r-6d = 12
 3r-(1st, D) х6 = 18
Go to the white thread and bring 5-6 rows of 18st 
 -(1st, UB) Х6 = 12 thread fasten, leave the end for sewing. Fill with hollofayberom, sew a bead of black color. The eye is ready to be nailed.
The head to collect, face to formalize.
This goat is also connected by a combination of spokes and a hook. Growth Toy 29cm. Description for the body of the goat requires checking


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