Amigurumi The Elephant Rattle

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Ears: 2 parts of gray color and 2 details of blue (4 items in total)
1) 2 in, 6 sb in the first loop (6)
2) aprox6 (12)
3) (1, app) x6 (18)
4) 1, arr., (2, arr.) Х5, 1 (24)
5) (3, app) x6 (30)
6) 2, arr., (4, arr.) Х5, 2 (36), сс, cut the thread, restoring
edge, and thread on the wrong side.
Fold two pieces of different colors with the wrong sides each
to a friend and attach a thread of gray color. In this case, the blue side
must be on top. To knit one row of sb, connecting both parts.
After the last column, make ss in the first column of the strapping and
then 1 in, fold the eye in half and tie another 3 sb and 1 ss,
joining halves, make a knot and then cut the thread, leaving
long tail for sewing.
The ears are sewn as follows: upper fastened
The side of the ears is sewn at an angle to the muzzle, so that later on
it could be put on your head. The upper part of the ears is located
approximately 6 rows above eye level. After the upper part
sewed, put the ears on the head and sew the inner edge of the ears
flat to the head at eye level (I got 5 sb in
side from the eyes and 3 rows down (to the fourth sewn). Visually
Side of the ears should be at the level of the handles. This is done for
In order to deploy the ears in relation to the muzzle.
Trunk: 1 piece
1) 2 in, 6 sb in the first loop (6)
2) 1 row behind the back half loop (6)
3) 1 row (6)
4) 3 sb, 3 sb for the rear half-loops (6)
5) 1 row (6)
6) 3 sb, 3 sb for the front half-loops of the fourth row
(tighten the thread tightly) (6)
7) (1, app) x3 (9)
8) 1 row (9), 2 cc, cut the thread, leaving a long tail for
sewing, and restore the edge.
The trunk is not stuffed, sewn exactly in the middle between
with the tip pointing upwards through the edge of the columns.

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