Knitting Funny Owl Face Toy

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Complexity: Medium
Working time: 1 hour
Materials: Thread for knitting, hook, needle, semi-beads, ball

I offer your attention to the owl on the Christmas tree!

You will need:

thread for knitting;
The hook is better than smaller (№ 1-1.5);
Big Needle;
eye beads;
New Year plastic ball.
That the ball at us was round, we break off at it all protruding parts (cut off by cutters a holder for a cord on a tree)

We start to knit in a circle with simple columns. To knit it is necessary stronger that through threads the ball then did not shine through. That's why we took a smaller hook. At obvyazivanii a ball at first gradually add loops, then diminish. I do it "on the eye", constantly trying on mating on the ball.

When the ball is all tied, a small hole carefully sew with a needle and quietly fasten the thread.

So I tied a few balloons.

Now we knit eyes and wings. Eyes from a white thread on a circle 4 air loops connect and tie 12 columns with a scale, cut off a thread 20 sm and the same thread Prishivayem to a ball.

Wings-2 parts, take a contrasting thread of any color at your request. 3 Air loops. In the first loop we bring 2 columns with a scale, we rise on the second row, 3 air loops, 4 columns with a scale, Rise 3 v. P., 5 S. N., Rise 3 v. P., 6 S. N. Cut the thread at a distance of 25 cm, this thread prishivayem wings.

For ears fold two colors of threads 3 times on 10 sm and with the help of a hook we try them in those places where there should be ears. Trim the brush at a distance of 2-2.5 cm from the balloon.

Glue the half-beads on the eyes or Prishivayem black beads.

The Owl is ready!

Source : https://www.livemaster.ru/topic/983595-vyazhem-sovushek-na-elku?msec=24

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