Beautiful Stitching Work Tutorial

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Do you know the basic rule of the morning? 😏 The main thing is not to stop, 😎you will snow.... 😃 Checked.I have today for you a small video process of knitting a pitch from lush columns. Surprisingly, the son agreed to remove, of course, pre-voicing the wish list.Not everything turned out "without a hitch", still knitting a thin hook and a thin thread.And yes, knitting isn't always as easy as it seems at first glance😎 The knitting process is the following: we put the hook under the base loop and pull out the loops to form a lush column, in my case - it's 6 loops with a cape, because the thread is very thin. I, for example, very often use this method of knitting in their works, looks very impressive, especially for finishing products. I hope that loud music does not interfere, did not think about it. Source : https://www.instagram.com/p/Bf5TzpUAbRb/

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