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We start with the "Magic weaving" jacket for girls. You can knit and yourself  

For a start photo. This is from the magazine, the original. In different magazines, the jacket is given a different name - a young fisherwoman, magic weaving, etc. I have chosen what is closer to me 
And this is the embodiment of the country  An3eLotte 

Used the thread "COCO" (100% mercerized cotton, 50g / 240m). It took a seven-year-old girl a little less than 5 hanks.

It is better to pick the threads - knit a pattern. I tried many threads, here are the most successful samples. White - Soso, green - Vega, vanilla yellow - Lanoso Papillon.

I remembered about Pekhorka Pearl! From her the perfect sample! I will knit from it. 

and a little process ...

All light loops! 

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