Knit Cozy Blouse for Toys

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Complexity: Below average
Working time: 1 hour
Materials: Knitting needles, yarn, scissors, tapestry needle

I offer you a small master class, (quite simple, but someone will be useful), knitting a very warm blouse on the toy. 
In my case, this blouse is suitable for the Taksu-Tilda standard pattern from tone Finnanger. Of course, you can increase or decrease the number of loops, or take thicker or thinner spokes, and the size of the blouse will change.
So, let's start! 
What we need:
-Yarn density 550 m/100 g-in 2 threads, or yarn 250 g/100 m-in 1 thread;

-Spokes Nosjuicy 3.75, you can 4 (in my case, the length of the spokes is only 13 cm, very convenient for knitting small items);

-Tapestry needle;


-Good mood!

Backrest and Shelf:
We collect 40 loops, we distribute on 4 spokes and knit a rubber band 1x1-5 rows.

Now, on the first 20 loops knit pattern, and on the next 20 all purls loops.

Once the entire drawing is completed, up to 22 rows, we continue to knit only the first 20 loops-back and forth.
Knit 10 rows (from the 3rd to the 12th row of the figure), then in the 11th row close the first 4 loops, knit 12 loops rubber band 1х1, and close the last 4 loops.

Cut the thread, leaving a small tail to stitch the shoulders.
Fasten the thread to the backrest, and knit 10 rows of the stitch. The 11th row is like a shelf.
Sew the shoulder seams, fasten the thread to the collar, distribute to 3 spokes (8 loops on each), and knit 15 rows of rubber band.

Close the loops very freely, if possible, also by the rubber band.
Fasten a thread to the sleeve of the sleeves where we started to knit separately the back and the shelf, we collect 18 loops in a circle, distribute on 3 spokes (on 6 loops) and knit an elastic band of 1х 1 15 rows.

Close as well as the collar. 
Knit the second sleeve, neatly buckle all the strings, and dress up our toys in very warm blouses!

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