Crochet Basket Free Pattern

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We will need:

1. A small amount of yarn of brown, milk, and white colors, the remains of red, yellow and blue color.

2. Hook.

3. Beads for decoration

4. Cardboard or plastic bases for stability (optional)

5. Satin Ribbon.

6. Filler.


Ka-Ring Amigurumi

PRS-Column without a throw

PRSs-Column with Crochets

SS-Connecting Column

VP-Air Loop

D-raise-from one loop two

UB-Decrease-from 2 loops one

()-Total number of loops


Base (2 pcs):
1.6SBN in Ka

2. D x 6 (12)

3. (1SBN, D) x 6 (18)

4. (2SBN, D) x 6 (24)

5. (3SBN, D) x 6 (30)

6. (4SBN, D) x 6 (36)

7. (5SBN, D) x 6 (42)

8. (6SBN, D) x 6 (48)

9. (7SBN, D) x 6 (54)

10. (8SBN, D) x 6 (60)

At the first basis to cut a thread, at the second-not to cut, and to attach bases to each other reverse party and to tie them together a number PRS (60), further to continue knitting in a circle. (If you wish for greater stability between the basics you can put a circle of the desired diameter of cardboard or plastic).

11. Behind the back wall of loops (60)




15.1ssn, 1VP, skip one loop Rolls series and in the next to knit PRSs, then again 1VP, skip the loop, and the next 1ssn-so to the end of the series.

16.60sbn. Close the thread to cut, hide.

Dial 54 air loops, in the second loop from the hook to knit a series of SS, turn the knitting, on the other hand also to knit a series of SS, sew to the basket. Through the holes in the 15th row to skip the satin ribbon, tie a bow-and our basket is ready.

Egg (3 Pieces)

1.6сn in CA

2. PR х 6 (12)

3. (1сбн, PR) x 6 (18)

4-10. (18)

11. (1sbs, UB) x 6 (12)

12. UB X 6

 "Paska "
Milk or beige thread:
1.6SBN in Ka

2. (1SBN, D) x 6 (18)

3. (2SBN, D) x 6 (24)

4. (3SBN, D) x 6 (30)
(If desired, you can insert a base of cardboard or plastic).
5. Behind the back wall (30)

6-16. (30)

7. Change the thread to white (for the front wall of Loops) (30)

8-12. (30)

13. (3SBN, UB) x 6 (24)

14. (2SBN, UB) x 6 (18)

15. (1SBN, UB) x 6 (12)

16. UB x 6 thread cut, fasten, hide.

Decorate with beads, put in a basket, put a row of eggs,-all, the gift is ready!

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