Crochet Doll Snowman

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Snowmen are different. 
The main thing is a carrot nose and a good mood. 
You - look, and we'll dance and sing! 
In the beginning was Fat Man. 
But he would be bored and Mr. Snow appeared. 
Mood and snow still remained .... 
For two it is difficult to think and there was a third ...., but something he did not have and when tried on a skirt - everything fell into place! 
It's easy to climb, can make a Snow Swallow, sing a song and give you a gift. The 
Trinity is tied up from Acrylic, it's almost like a snow. And all the jewelry from Iris. Just took a guess at the glom and worked ... 
Fat 11cm, Mr. Snow-17cm, Ice-14cm. 
In the hands of wire (how I like to make dolls like that !!!!)

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    These are so cute