Piyoko Chan Amigurumi Glue Strap

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About this handmade work
A mini basket is at home, I made it from feeling that I want to put something in that basket ☆ 
When I do not use it as a strap I am closed to the basket (-) zzZ


YarnAppropriate amount (No need for 1 ball)
Felt (Orange)Reasonable amount
3 mm round beads (for eyes)2 pieces
Eye shadow (for blusher)A small amount
3 mm wide ribbon10 cm
Strap fittingsOne

No.3 needle

I used this woolen yarn to give this feeling also this time ☆ 
Please make a challenge from ordinary woolen first for those who make Amigasuru for the first time ^ - ^

We use about the same thickness. 
The making eye is a type that makes making eyes in a circle. 
The rest is fine knitting just.

After knitting up to the 8th step, put cotton. 

If you put cotton, knit the rest. 

Ninth tier sixth (-6th) 
tenth tier 3 third (third)

Close naturally so please draw it out at the closed place. 

Please cut the string a little longer. 

As the top and bottom are easy to understand, the thread is still intact. . .

Prepare four felts cut to 0.8 x 2 (cm). 

Attach a bond to one side, and make 4 layers to make a thickness 

When the bond dries, cut it in the shape of a beak. 

Be sure to dry before cutting. 
If it is before drying it will peel off during cutting. . .

I bond the beak that I made. 

Determine the position of the eyes and sew it with sewing threads. 
Please be careful not to see the position of the thread tightening at this time ☆

We will remove the remaining yarns. 

I will cut the wool of the minute which passed through inside.

Put the eye shadow on the swab and put it on the cheek.

Sew the ribbon which was butterfly knotted in advance with thread.

Add a bond at the knot end of the ribbon. 

The end is painted on the part where the ribbon is cut (for fraying prevention)

HIKOKO made it ^ - ^ 

Through a round can in the first eye of the head. 
I will put the kanikan so I passed it sideways, but if you attach the strap fittings straight out please attach it to the vertical direction ☆

Completed ^ - ^ 

Congratulations ♪

The atmosphere changes just by changing the yarn of chicks ^ - ^

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