Cardigan with Astrakhan Pattern

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Size: 36 – 42 You will need: 750 g light grey (7) Yarn Lana Grossa COOL WOOL ALPACA (70% merino wool, 30% baby alpaca, 140 m/50 g); Straight Spokes № 5; Set of № 4. Elastic Band: Alternately 1 persons., 1 H. Facial surface: Faces. P. – Persons. P., N. P.-N. P. Karakuleft Pattern: Number of loops multiple 4 + chrome. 1st R.: P. 2nd p.: Krom., * from the following loop to knit 1 persons., 1., 1 person., 3 p. Touch together, repeat from *, Chrome. 3rd R.: P. 4th p.: Krom., * 3 p. Projazat together Izn., from the next loop to knit 1 person., 1., 1 persons., Chrome. Repeat 1st – 4th p. density of knitting. Karakuleft pattern, spokes № 5:25 p. and 25 p. = 10 x 10 cm; Persons. Surface, Spokes № 5:20 p. and 28 P. = 10 x 10 cm. Performance of work: for the first part to dial 94 p. on Spokes № 5 and knit karkulovym pattern. After 21 cm from the beginning of the loop to postpone. The second part is linked similarly. Between the 1st and 2nd parts Dial 102 P. and on all 290 p. Tie another 74 cm straight. Then close the Central 102 p. Then tie on 94 p. On each side of another 17 cm. Loops close. Collar: Dial 30 p.
On the spokes № 5 and knit faces. Surface. After 220 cm from the beginning of the loop close. Turn off the angles according to Fig. 1 to the center. To connect the neighboring parts, the length of the seam = 41 cm, with the outside of the product to leave 12 cm for the armholes open, see Fig. 2. On the edges of the Armi dial on 52 p. On the hosiery Spokes № 4 and tie 20 cm elastic circular series. Close the loops on the picture. The collar to sew to edges of shelves = on 37 SM on both parties and a cut of a neck of a backrest = 8 SM, see. Dotted line in Figure 2. 2. Both ends of the collar hang on 52 cm on both sides.

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