Longest Cardigan Free Pattern

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Sizes: 32/34, 36/38, 40/42, 44/46, 48/50 

This will be required: 22/23/26/28/30 balls of blue yarn "Alras Classiso" (60% wool, 40% Alpaca; 50 g/90 m); Circular Spokes № 5. 

Knitting Technique. 
Checkered Stock: 
1st Hunting: Krom., * 2 persons., 2 IZN. *, repeat from * to *, chrome. 
2nd and 4th rows: Knit on the figure. 
3rd Hunting: Crom., * 2 IZN., 2 persons. *, repeat from * to *, chrome. 
Repeat these four rows. 

The Density of knitting, checkered stock: 18 and 28 P. = 10 x 10 cm. 


Backrest: Dial 84/92/100/108/116A and knit with a checkered pattern. At a height of 30 cm cover with curved sides of the mark for cuts. At the height of 302/308/314/320/326 p. = 108/110/112/114/116 cm for the bevel of the shoulders close with curved sides 4. and in each 2nd row 6 x 4 S. After the 4th decrease for the shoulders to cut the neck close the middle 28 and knit further separately, closing the edges of the cut in each 2nd row 2 x 2 G. 

Left Shelf: Dial 48/52/56/60/64s and knit with checkered pattern. At an altitude of 30 cm = 84 R. Cover on the right side of the mark for the cut. At the height of 296/302/308/314/320 p. = 106/108/110/112/114 cm for neck cut close on the left side 14., then in each 2nd row 1 x 3.2 x 2, 3 x 1. In 6 rows from the beginning of cut of a neck for a bevel of a shoulder to close on the right party for 14 rows in each 2-nd row 3/4/4/5/5a C. Through 21 Hunting from the beginning of a cut of a neck to close left 3/0/4/1/5. 

Inserting the shelf: knit symmetrically to the left shelf. 

Sleeve: Dial 40/40/44/46/50a and tie 14 rows with a checkered pattern. Over the next 112/114/118/120/124 series add to the curved sides in each 8th/7th/7th/7th/7th row of 1 St. = 68/72/76/80/84. These loops are free to close. 

Pockets (2 parts): Dial 32 loops, tie 56 rows with checkered pattern and loop close. 

Belt: Dial 12 loops, tie 450 r. = 160 cm checkered pattern and loop close. 

Quick Team: Perform shoulder seams. On a cut of shelves to dial on 22 G., on a cut of a neck of a backrest-38 and to knit a checkered pattern a collar, starting and finishing chrome. At height of a collar 10 sm = 28 р. The sparsely populated loop to close on a pattern. Sew pockets, retreating 50 cm from the bottom edge. To get Abstract, to carry out seams of sleeves and volleyball seams taking into account cuts.

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