Two Color Amigurumi Sheep

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First we need:
Materials: 1 Skeok grass (140-150 m/100 g), Hank Aclylovoy or Polusherstjannoj yarn for the muzzle, ears and legs (choose 120-150 m/100 g, I wool mixture 100 m/100 g-All one Hank was not enough, this description is just under the thick thread, pay To this attention!), a thin thread for stitching the right color, two acrylic beads of black color for the eyes (as explained to me a friend who is engaged in jewelry, now acrylic is the best in quality, you can of course glass, but it is another price category), two large pushbuttons, filler (hollofayber, syntifluff or Sintype) and any мелочевка for decoration (it is already on your taste).
Tools: Hooks 2 and 3 mm, needles 3-4 mm (my unnamed, presumably 3 mm), needle for stitching and scissors.
Here is my set-minimum (forgot one more hook to put):


VP-Air Loop
D-Increment, two times in one loop
UB-Ubava, touch two loops together
SS-Connecting Column
PRSs-a column with a scale
PRSPs-Semi-stacked with scale

Head. 1 pc.
Yarn of milk color, hook 3 mm.
1row: 6 in the ring Amaguumi (= 6)
2row: 6 D (= 12)
3 row: (1 Sat, D) – 6 times (= 18)
4 row: (2 SBN, D) – 6 times (= 24)
5 row: (3 S, D) – 6 times (= 30)
6 row: (4, D) – 6 times (= 36 in)
7-9 rows: 36 (36)
10 row: (4 SBN, UB)-6 times (= 30)
11 row: 30 SBN (30)
12 row: (3 SBN, UB)-6 times (= 24)
13-15 Series: 24 SBN (24)
16 Row: (3 S, D) – 6 times (= 30)

Turn to grass, hook 2 mm.
17 row: (1 Sat, D)-15 times (= 45)
18-20 rows: 45 (= 45)
21 Row: (5 SBN, UB, 6 SBN, UB)-3 times (39)
22 row: (11 SBN, UB)-3 times (36)
23 Row: (4 SBN, UB)-6 times (= 30)
24 row: (3 SBN, UB)-6 times (= 24)
Fill the filler is not very tightly.
25 Row: (2 SBN, UB)-6 times (= 18)
26 Row: (1 SBN, UB)-6 times (= 12)
27 Row: 6 UB (= 6)
Close the remaining loops, fasten the thread and hide it inside.

With a brush for suede, I just scratched the grass. Such a reception I was told by one wonderful Needlewoman

Ears. 2 pcs.
Milk yarn, hook 3 mm.

Legs. 4 pcs.
Milk yarn, hook 3 mm.

1row: 6 in the ring Amaguumi (= 6)
2row: 6 D (= 12)
3 row: (1 Sat, D) – 6 times (= 18)
4 row: (2 SBN, D) – 6 times (= 24)
5 row: (3 S, D) – 6 times (= 30)
6 -7 Series: 30 SBN (= 30)
8 row: (3 SBN, UB)-6 times (= 24)
9 row: 24 SBN (24)
10 row: (2 SBN, UB)-6 times (= 18)
11-13 rows: 18 SBN (= 18)

Tail. 1 pc.
Pot, hook 2 mm.
1row: 6 in the ring Amaguumi (= 6)
2row: 6 D (= 12)
3 row: (1 Sat, D) – 6 times (= 18)
4-6 rows: 18 SBN
The tail is also scratched.

Body. 1 pc.
Grass, needles 3-4 mm.
We recruit 45-50 loops and knit facial smoothness (facial rows-all facial loops + cutting, purls rows-all Petilli Purls + kromovyi) rectangle on how much yarn (as tie, be sure to write the size). It is possible to try to crochet columns with a scale, but then one Hank is not enough and for stuffing it is necessary to sew a pillowcase.
For the body I gained 48 loops (with the crown), the width turns 32 cm.

I got the canvas in size 32 * 38 cm

All the details are ready, now proceed to the assembly.

The legs are not densely filled with filler, that then it was easier to make a duck. The cloth fold a face to inside. I start sewing from the corner and I sew the legs right away. First sew the sidewall with the legs, and then sew the back, do not forget about the tail. Leave the part not stitched and fill with a syntipuom or some other gasket. Girls in the comments offered to insert a pillow, I think-it's a great idea, only have to fit the size of the canvas under the size of the pillow. Sew the remaining hole. So this is a rectangle with legs and tail

We design the head.
Add the ears, fold them in half and somewhere in the area of the third row of grass Prishivayem. Try and see how more organically looks there and prišhiit. I sew eyes, I have two beads, and embroider nose and mouth. The triangle of the nose I did not tighten, and a strip under a mouth a little bit has pulled-then at a lamb cheeks appear.

Now we do the legs ' duckling. We introduce the needle in the first row and output at the level of 9-10 series, repeat the procedure, bind thread tie a knot and hide the tails.

Press the buttons on the navel of the lamb in the corners. Retreat somewhere 2.5-3 cm from the edges.

Lamb's Ready! 
On the Family council decided that turned out to be a lamb boy, and why boys Jewelry

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