Bunny Crochet Toy Free Pattern

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Description of the work:
We dial a chain of 14 EAP, lock in the ring. Knit columns without a PRS of about 11 rows, it is the torso. Forming a neck.
12 – 1 PRS, decrease. Repeat.
13-No change.
Starting to knit his head.
14-A raise in each loop. 
15 – 2 PRs, raise. Repeat.
16-no change.
17 – 3 PRS, raise. Repeat.
18 – 20 – three rows without changes.
21-3 PRS, decrease. Repeat.
22-No change.
23 – 2 PRS, decrease. Repeat.
24 – 1 PRS, decrease. Repeat.

Tip: The last two rows of crochet are smaller in size so that there is no "lumen".
Ears: We recruit 4 EAP (We believe the one on the hook, and the first one), we join the ring. Knit in a circle, meshing the hook for one wall. Sew the ears, decorate the muzzle.
Lower legs: "stitching" the bottom of the torso with connecting poles, in the Middle we dial 6 EAP, OBVJAZYVAEM this chain PRS, make the SS in the same loop, where the chain of the EAP originates. Also knitting the second foot.
Paws Upper: Enter the hook between rows PRS on the torso, dial a chain of 5 VP, Obvjazyvaem PRS, enter the hook at the same place between the rows, cut the thread, make a knot of two strands, hide.
Do not forget the tail: a chain of 6 VP, the second row-a raise in each loop. This circle will be a ponytail.
About scarves I have already written, I repeat: to dial the chain of the EAP (the desired length), to tie two rows of PRS, changing the color of the thread.

Very friendly kittens, crocheted. 


1 Neutral color yarn

2 Floss for Embroidery

3 Two beads of black color

4 Crochet Hook

5 Needle for Embroidery

6 Filler for toys (polyester, sintepuh, batting, etc.)


V.P.-Air Loop

PRS-Column without a throw

Start with the lower feet:
1 Row-2 VP, 6 PRS in the second loop from the hook.
The second row is a raise in each loop. To bind 6 rows without changes. Tie the second foot, connect to the first one.
9-10 Series-knit in a circle.
11 row-Make 4 raises (back, front and two sides).
Link 13 rows without changes.
25 row-make 4 decreases.
26 Series-No change.
27 row-4 decreases.
28-29 Series-No change.
"Sew" two sides with connecting poles.
Top Paws: 2 VP, 5 PRS in the second loop from the hook. The next row is 1 PRS, a raise. Link 4 rows without changes.
Ponytail: 5 VP Connect in a ring, knit PRS, about 14 rows.

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