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I found the description of this wonderful skirt on Dasha Razzhivina’s blog. There is a description and schemes. 
It has long been contacted such a skirt. I knit on a photo, but I drew a scheme for blog readers. Fit fast. I knitted in a circle, did not increase it, but I advise you to do it, at least a little bit. 

Schemes I drew from my skirt. It is slightly longer than the original. 
Ruffles: all ruffles knit for the front half loop (shemku attached). 

A frill flower, which knits from three picot. I knit like this: according to the scheme two connections. column, three ce and conn. column in the first vp, three vp and conn. column in the first of these three vp, three vp and conn. The column in the first of these three VP. You should get a chain of three picos, and then connect. column in the loop, from which our flower begins. 

Threads: PNK Narcissus
Hook: 2.1 
Consumption: 2.5 hank

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