Knitting Blouse with Neck Decolte

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Here is such a beautiful female cardigan knitting honey Color We offer today to your attention. The yellow jumper is ideal for a party and a trip to visit. Even though the product is knit with thick spokes, it looks very airy and elegant.

The scheme of knitting jumper and description look further.

Size: 36/38

You will need: 380 grams of yellow yarn, spokes number 6 and number 7, circular spokes number 6.

Elastic: Knit on the scheme 1, in the P. Loops knit on the figure.

The main pattern: knit on the Scheme 2, in the P. Loops knit on the figure.

Density of Knitting:

Elastic: 20 p. x 28 R. = 10 x 10 cm;

The main pattern: 16 p. x 20 P. = 10 x 10 cm.

Job Description: For the central part of the spokes number 7 dial 50 loops and knit the main pattern. After 140 centimeters from the beginning of knitting all loops close. Sew the details along the lines, which are highlighted in red in the pattern. For the belt on the Spokes Number 6 dial 82 loops, tie 15 centimeters of rubber band and loop close.

For a collar: on circular spokes number 6 to dial 276 loops, to tie 15 centimeters a rubber band and loops to postpone. Fit the collar to the central part of the product by pattern. Then sew the belt.

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