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Maybe my master class is not quite relevant at the moment, winter is still in the yard. But you have until summer to have a free evening or two to make yourself such an ornament.

Summer is the time of colors, brightness and positive. Summer is the most suitable time for jewelry and accessories. In addition to beads, earrings and bracelets, it is very appropriate to look at fashionistas rims, bandages, khayratniki, zakolochki and rubber bands, certainly made by themselves. After all, handwork is always in the honor! I propose to make for myself a favorite popular to date jewelry - a bandage for the hair.

1. We knit a 40cm long string according to the scheme.

2. At the edges of the braids, we fasten 2 cm with columns without a crochet

3. Fold the canvas from the posts with the crochets in half and sew. It turns out something like a loop.

4. We measure the necessary amount of rubber and stretch it through the received "loops", the ends of the elastic band are fastened: you can sew, you can simply tie it to a knot. The seam or knot is hidden in one of the "loops".

5. Our bandage is ready. But you can decorate it with something else.

6. I propose this option. We knit a lace element according to the scheme. And 3 rows are tied with beige yarn, and the last row is sanded.

7. We are knitting a yarn with a sandy color according to the scheme.

8. Take the beige beige color, add all the elements and sew.

9. You can sew the dressing to the bandage, but you can make it removable, then you get two versions of the bandage. I sewed a button from the underside, and now our decoration can be easily fastened to the bandage and also easily removed. The button can be replaced with a small pin.

Here is a patch we got! Wear it with pleasure!

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