Knitting Toy Dragon Free Pattern

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Knitting Toy Dragon You will need: 
Lira yarn (60% cotton, Acrylic, 150 m/50 g)-20-30 g 
Green, "Iris" yarn (100% cotton)-Remains of light- Blue and lilac colors, 
Hook N22, 5, synth, 2 beads For eyes, eyelash overhead. 
Knit from top to bottom, starting from the nape. In the Start to tie the ring to the Amygumi. For Wrap the thread around the pointer Finger of the left hand, from the The ring, tie one buttonhole,Second. Then bring in this ring 6 art. 6/n so that the short Tail :Thread remained free. Pull the This "tail", tightening the loop. Next Knit in a spiral, do not bow ranks. For convenience, the first loop of a series can Mark with a thread of contrasting color. ve The art. 6/N, evenly adding and By diminishing the art. In each row, gradually Stuffed toy. The 2nd row is from each 
Art. b/N vyvyvite 2 art. = 12 art. 3rd row 
-From each 2nd art. 6/N Tie out 2 art. 
The 4th row is from every 3rd century. 6/N 
2 art. 5th row-From each 4th century. 6/N tie 2 art. 6th Row- of each 5th century. 6/N tie 2 art. -36 art. 7-8-TH Series-knit smoothly. 9th Series-Divide the knitting into two parts: 24 Art. 6/N, connect to the beginning Scrap knitting, on these 24 art. 6/N Extended Put the knit head on the remaining 12 art. The neck will be tied in the future. 10-11-TH Series-knit exactly 24 art. 6/N. 12-th row-from each 4th century. 6/N 
Tie 2 art. The 13th row is from every 5th century. 6/N tie 2 art. -36 art. 6/N. 14-17-TH series-knit smoothly. 18th Number-Reduce 1 art. Every 5 art.-30 art. 19th row-Reduce 6 times x 1 Art. Every 4 art. -24 art. 20th row 

-Reduce 6 times x 1 art. Every C art. Hit the head with a filler. 21st Row -Reduce 6 times x 1 art. Every 2 Art. 22-th row-Reduce 6 times x 1 art. Through Each art. -6 art. Cut the thread. Continue to knit your neck on the remaining 12 art. 6/N. 1-3-TH Series-knit Exactly. 4th row-Add C art. 6/N Side of the abdomen, distributing the Evenly, and 1 art. b/n from the side Back-16 art. 5th row-knit smoothly. 6th Row-Add 2 art. 6/n from the side Abdomen, 1 art. 6/n from the back. 7th Row-knit smoothly. 8th Row-Add C Art. From the abdomen, 1 art. From the side Back. 9th row-knit smoothly. 10th row -Add C art. From the abdomen. 11- Row-Add 5 art. From the side of the Ta-31 art. 12th Row-knit smoothly. 13th Row-Add 6 art. From the abdomen. 14th row-knit smoothly. The 15th row Bavte C Art. From the back (1st. Center of the back and 2 art. Through 4 p. to the Left And to the right of it) — 40 art. 16-17-TH Series- 
Knit smoothly. 18th Row-Add C art. 6/N on the back side (1st. in the Center and 2 art. Through 4 p. Left and right). 19th Number-Reduce the C. From the abdomen. 20-th row-Reduce 2 art. From the side of the Add 2 art. From the back- 41 Art. 21-th row-Reduce 5 art. From the side Belly. 22nd Row-Reduce 5 art. With a hundred- Belly, add C art. From the side Back. 23rd row-Reduce the B. With a hundred- abdomen. 24th row-Reduce the B. With Side of the abdomen. 25th Row-Add 2 Art. From the back. 26th row-Leave- Those 12 art. From the abdomen, continue 
Knitting on 12 art. Tail (This sheer- is later sewn). 27th Number-add C art. From the back. 
28th Row-Reduce the art. From the side of the Vaught. 29th Row-Reduce the art. From the side Abdomen-9 art. Whip the tail. 30th row -Reduce the art. From the abdomen, Bavte 2 Art. From the back. 31st Row Loop-12 art. 3rd row-knit smoothly. 

Build: Smash the dragon through the sheer- Sew the hole. Sew Ears 
To the head, paws-in pairs to the trunk. For That the paws are movable, 
The following: Mark the The position of the arms and legs on the Tighten the thread just below the top of the Edge of the inside of the paw. Enter 
Needle at the marked point on the right side of the The torso, take the opposite of the Side. Then perform a small Stitch at the appropriate point in the inner 
Her left paw side. Return the needle with Thread through the torso to the right side And do a little stitch in the same Place of the right paw. Remove Pins and echo It all again. Tighten the thread tightly, 
To develop a deepening, anchor- Pete. Above the claws on the paws. In order So that the muzzle becomes more expressive , do the duck: fasten the thread to the 
The base of the neck, put it in place of the Eye, return to the neck, pull. The same form the second eye. Sew Eye- Beads, the nostrils are higher. Glue Cilia. The tamburnym seam 
Moose in the middle of the dragon's torso, The resulting loops tie the comb to the Diagram 2. Sew the wings to the torso. 

Source : Knitting Magazine

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