Amigurumi Panda Free Pattern

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Panda Material :

Acrylic wool (white / black) / Cotton

● Increase seventh to seventh to seventh to seventh to sixth eleven to sixth eleven 35th twelfth fine, fine, fine braid 2nd step in the head (white) circle 13th step as it is, 14 to 15 Repeat one step at a fine step / fine knitting 2 eyes

● In the body (white → black) 5th 2nd step 10th step 3rd step 15th 4th step 9th step 15th step 6th step 9th step is black 

● inside the hand · foot 2 (black) ring 5 I wear it spirally and I knit it spirally, I stop at about 1.5 cm

● In the tail (white) ring 5th 
2nd step 5th eye 

● 2 ears (black) 5th 
2nd to 3rd 10th in the ring 

● 5th 2nd step in the eye (black) ring 10 stitches (fine long, long, long, fine, fine) knit into an elliptical shape

Stuff cotton on the head and torso, sew and close. Pull the thread up before you stop the ball, the neck narrows steadily. 

Stitches limbs, ears / tails, eye parts as well. 

Put embroidered on the mouth, ♪ finished


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