Amigurumi Unicorn Horse

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For those who love, knows how to knit, create, create with their hands - Knitted horse;)))))) I, for example, it is not given, I can only show to others;))))))))

Itself is not when I did not, can eat men who can do that, but I think this is mostly for women;)))))))

Looks very beautiful, so I decided to show you how and what is done;))))))))



sbn - column without crochet 
pr - increment, tie two bars in one loop 
, yb - decrease, tie two loops together 
ss - connecting bar 

Pink or other color 
1p - 6st 
2p -p.6 times (12st ) 
3p -1st, pr 6 p (18st) 
4p. - 2st, pr 6 times (24st) 
5p -3st, pr 6 times (30st) 
7p -4st, pr.6 times (36st) 
8p.- 36st 
9p. -delim on 24 (head) and 12 loops (neck and body) 
Continue to knit the head:
10-11r -24st 
12p -3st, pr 6 times (30st) 
14p -4st, pr.6 times (36st) 
15- 16p-36st
Changing the white yarn
17p -4st, K 6 times (30st) 
18 p -30st 
19F -4st, etc. 6 times (36ST) 
20p -4st, K 6 times (30st) 
21P -3st, K 6 times (24st) 
22 p - 2st, уб 6 times (18st) 
23р - 1st, уб 6 times (12st) 
24р-убавка до конца 

Neck, body:
Attach a new thread and knit  
1-4p -12st 
5p - 3st, pr.3 times (15st) 
6p - 15st 7p 
- 4st, pr.3 times (18st) 
8-10p -18st 
11p -2st, pr 6 times (24st) 
12-13p - 24st 
14p 3st. pr 6 times (30st) 
15p -4st, pr.6 times (36st) 
16-28r -36st 
29r -4st, 6 times (30st) 
30p -3st, 6 times 6 times (24st) 
31 r -2st, 6 times 6 times (18st)
32р - 1st, уб 6 times (12st) 
33 р-reduction to the end, fix the thread 

Start white
1р - 6ст 
2р -пр.6раз ( 
12ст ) 3-5р -12ст 
6р -4ст. уб 2 раза (10ст) 
Change the thread to pink 
7р-3ст, уб 2 times (8st) 
8-21р - 8ст 
22р - Decrease to the end 

Start white
1p - 6st 
2p -p.6ra (12st) 
3p - 3st, pr 3 times (15st) 
4-6p - 15st 7p 
-3st, уб 3raza (12st) 
8р -4ст, уб 2 times (10st) 
9-23р -10st 
24р- reduction to the end of the 

1р- 6st in the ring 2р-1ст 
, pr, 3 times (9st) 
3p - 9 st
4p - 2st, pr 3 times (12st) 
5p -12 st 
6p - 3st, pr 3 times (15st) 
7p -4st, pr 3 times (18st) 
8p -18st 
9p-1st, 6d 6p (12st) 
10-12 - 12st 

Attach the thread and knit 5pins in 1 loop, then cut the thread so that it is enough for the 2nd nostril and pull the thread at the level of the second nostril and knit the same way. We fix, cut off the thread.

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