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Fashion Cap! 

The hat is simple in performance, with very simple patterns, but the products are simply delicious and, what is important, modern. 

Knitting on volume of a head 56 SM. 
So, yarn Lana Gold Alize (240m/100g). Color-Dusty rose. I had 1 Hank. 
Spokes № 3. The density of knitting I turned out: 20 loops-10 cm. 

Ears: On the spokes we recruit 6 eyelets. Knitting a platelkoj knitting, adding in each lyceum row on 1 loop at the beginning and the end of knitting. I knit two ears at once-I feel more comfortable 
When the number of loops reaches 20, we stop adding loops and knitting an ear of the necessary length. I got 17 cm. The width of the ear was 10 cm. 
Linking both ears, proceed to the main part of the CAP. 
Loops will be distributed as follows-on the front part of a cap it is necessary to dial 36 loops + 1 for symmetry = only 37 eyelets (19 SM). Two ears of 20 eyelets (10 cm). And the back part of the Hat 32 hinges + 2 Kromodelki (17 cm). Total-17 + 20 + 37 + 20 + 17 = 111 eyelets. 

We dial the first 17 loops, add the first ear, dial the central 37 loops, add the second ear, we dial the last 17 loops. Total 111 loops. We put all loops of 4 rows of a binding. 
Proceed to the main pattern-this "sprockets" number of loops multiple 3 + 1 for symmetry + 2 Kromotorno. We have this 36 * 3 + 1 + 2 = 111. 
We continue knitting (it was enough 12 SM for my depth of a cap). 
Then we go to vyvyazhiju top caps-Here begins the most interesting... 

1 row-All facial (all purls rows-facial loops) 109 + 2 kr. 
2 Row-2 together 8 persons. -Until the end of the series 98 + 2 kr. 
3 Row-2 together 7 persons. -Until the end of the series 87 + 2 kr. 
4 Row-2 together 6 persons. -Until the end of the series 76 + 2 kr. 
5 Row-2 together 5 persons. -Until the end of the series 65 + 2 kr. 
6 Row-2 together 4 persons. -Until the end of the series 54 + 2 kr. 
7 Row-2 together 3 persons. -Until the end of the series 43 + 2 kr. 
8 Row-2 together 2 persons. -Until the end of the series 32 + 2 kr. 
9 Row-2 together 1 persons. -Until the end of the series 21 + 2 kr. 
10 row-2 together-until the end of the range 11 + 2 kr. 
Now knit lapel-dial on the bottom of the front of our Ushanka 35 eyelets and knit Platelkoj binding to the desired length (in the course of the case, try on your favorite). 
I got 7 cm. Then, in order to round out the edge of the lapel, I have cut from two sides four times on 1 loop (ie at the beginning and at the end of each row knitting two together). Close the hinges of the lapel. 

Now it's about the flowers 
Navala Three pieces of flowers and came to the lapel. In the center of each flower came bead. (It was later, so the photo is not visible). 
For brushes-cut 50 pieces of a yarn in length 30 sm (it on two brushes). The number of threads can vary according to their own taste and desire. Fold in half and fasten to the edge of the ears on the principle of fringe. 

We recruit 6 * 3 + 1 + 2 kr. = 21 loops and knitting the basic pattern "stars" 4 SM. Close loops, stitch Put on a brush, masking places of fastening of a fringe. Several stitches are fastened "intentionally" we do the procedure again with the second ear... Voila-the hat is ready!!!

Source : https://vk.com/club35523127?z=photo-88381901_432779116%2Fwall-35523127_875

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