Knitted Tunic Free Pattern

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36/38 (40/42-44/46)

You will need to
Yarn A (55% sheep wool, 45% Polyacryl; 70 m/50 g)-950 (1000-1100) G orange;
Yarn B (85% viscose, 15% Polyester; 110 m/25 g) — 50 (50-75) G silver; Straight Spokes № 6; Circular Spokes № 6 in length 40 cm.

Patterns and diagrams

* 4 N., 4 persons., from * repeating. The Loops are distributed according to the description in the instruction.

Embossed pattern
Knit according to the scheme. In width Repeat raport = 8 p., thus loops to distribute according to the description in the instruction. In height repeat from 1st to 12th R./Circle.

Density of Knitting
16 p. x 22 R. = 10 x 10 cm, is associated with the above patterns.

Doing the work

Triple Silver Thread Dial 92 (98-108) p. In the next. A series of knit purl double thread (1 strand Orange and 1 strand silvery).

Then knit a pattern of gum as follows: Chrome, 3 (2-3) persons., 80 (88-96) p. Elastic band, 4 Izn., 3 (2-3) persons., Chrome.

After 5 cm = 11 p. Knit one orange thread the same pattern.

After 33 P. = 15 cm from the inlaid of the Loop series distribute as follows: Chrome, 1 p. front surface, 1 marker, 89 (95-105) p. Relief pattern, with the pattern start with 2 (1-2) p. From the arrow a (b-a), then 10 (11-12) times repeat raport = 8 p. and finish 7 (6-7) p. to St. B (A-B) and chrome. On loops of a relief pattern to continue to carry out a pattern, loops before markers to knit a face smooth. At the same time in each 6th p. Remove the marker, the next loop after the loop with a marker instead of a relief pattern knit facial smoothness and re-attach the marker on this loop. Thus, the strip connected by a face smooth, increases in width, and the plot of a relief pattern gradually narrows.

After 60 cm = 132 p. From the bottom plank to postpone the average 42 (44-48) p. and close the remaining 25 (27-30) of the shoulder on each side.

Knit as a backrest, but in the mirror: markers attach in the 1st p. Relief pattern, before the last 2 p. After each increase in the width of the strip marker to shift to 1 p., the face of the facial smoothness, and in the next Vixen row to attach to the new Place.

For deeper Neck the average 22 (24-28) p. To postpone on the auxiliary spokes already at height 53 sm = 116 р. From the bottom lath and first to finish one party.

For rounding the cut to carry on the auxiliary spokes from the inner edge in each 2nd P. 1 times 3 p., 1 times 2 p. and 5 times 1 p.

After 16 p. From the beginning of the neck close the remaining 25 (27-30) of the shoulder.

The Other side to finish symmetrically.

Left Sleeve
Triple Silver Thread Dial 34 (36-40) p. In the next Vixen series knit purl double thread = 1 thread orange and 1 strand silvery.

Further to knit a relief pattern one orange thread, thus after Chrome. Start with 2 (3-1) p. From Arrow A (c-B), 3 (3-4) times repeat raport = 8 p. and finish 6 (7-5) p. To arrow A (b-c) and chrome.

For Skosov to add on both parties 14 (8-6) times in each 6th p. and then 8 (17-20) times in each 4th p. On 1 p., added loops to include in a pattern = 78 (86-92) p.

Projazit another 4 p. And at an altitude of 55 cm = 120 p. From the inlaid row to close all loops.

Right Sleeve
Triple Silver Thread Dial 34 (36-40) p. In the next Vixen series knit purl double thread-1 strand Orange and 1 strand silver.

Then knit the rubber band as follows: Chrome, 2 (3-1) persons., * 4, 4 persons., from * Repeat 3 (3-4) times, 4 Izn, 2 (3-1) persons., Chrome.

Simultaneously make a raise for the bevel as on the left sleeve. At the height of 5 cm = 11 p. From the inlaid series continue to knit with a single orange thread, and after 10 cm = 22 p. From the change of color and 15 cm = 33 R. From the inlaid series knit facial smoothness.

After 40 cm = 88 p. From the beginning of the front surface close all loops.

Sew sleeves, thus the middle of a sleeve to combine with a humeral seam. Carry out in one reception seams of sleeves and lateral seams.

For a collar to transfer on circular spokes the postponed loops of a neck and additionally to dial on curvature on a cut of front on 2 (4-4) p. = 88 (96-104) p. Orange thread to knit a relief pattern of 14 SM = 30 circle. р., thus the pattern to distribute so that it continued Pattern, made on the front and back. Then get another 5.5 cm = 12 circle. Double thread = 1 strand orange and 1 strand silver. Now loops to close a triple silvery thread according to drawing of a cloth.

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