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Good day to all!!!

Quite a long time ago, in 2015 I bought the first hank of Baltic yarn haapsalu (haapsalu), the yardage is 1500 m / 100 g. 
Usually, thin shawl-cobwebs are knitted from it, yarn is very soft and delicate, 100% merino wool. 
The color I got is plain, since all the beautiful colors have already been bought, but I only took 1 skein for trial, and I thought that this one would also come down. 
I had this hank for 2 years, until I connected the sample with arans from it. The yarn is as if created for reliefs, aranes, braids and rubber bands, perfectly keeps everything. And so I liked it, that I immediately bought 5 skeins of color ecru on a sweater, and this hank again postponed))).

And this summer, at last, hands reached him. It was dark brown in color (yarn LINEAPIU Alaska, about 30% merino, 30 - alpaca, 15 viscose, 15 PA and 10 cashmere - approximately so). Knitted in 6 threads with knitting needles №3.

It was a dense, warm hat that perfectly holds the shape. 
The mittens were tied to the hat, the child asked for them without patterns, just facial smoothness.

And this is what the yarn looked like on the photo from the seller. In fact, there is no yellowness in it, the color on my first photo was transmitted as close as possible - a light chestnut:

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