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This scarf is one of the ideas of the designer Lynne Barr in the two-sided technique.

Rapport 9 rows in height, the number of loops, a multiple of 12 pet. 
Rows 1-8: chrome., * 6 persons, 6 external *, chrome. 
Row 9 (intersection and looping transfers proper): * Turn the work towards you so that the reverse side is visible and the knitting is above the knitting needle. Using an additional needle, we collect loops 4-6 (see Fig. 1) in the second row and knit 7 rows (up to 9 rows) pull the additional needle to the main one. 

Then we turn the canvas back and, holding the additional knitting needle parallel to the main one, knit it like this: 
[2 people together (with the main and additional needles)] x 3 times, 3 people, 6 ws. 
Repeat from * to the end of the row. 

Repeat from 1 to 9 row. Thus, we are moving from the face to the inside and so on to the desired length.

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