Knitting Bag Free Pattern

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This elegant, tender color and oblong shape bag will be useful for storing spokes, yarn balls and other handmade accessories.

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Final dimensions
Width: 48 cm; Height: 23 cm.

You will need

3 x 100 g yarn balls (wool/acrylic).
Spokes with a diameter of 6.5 mm (for the bag itself)
Spokes with diameter 5.5 mm (for handles)
Wooden spokes for the top edge of the bag
Density of knitting
17 loops x 19 rows = 10 cm x 10 cm. Check your density!

L-Facial loop;
Purl Loop; 
3 Visas-three loops to touch together as Purls.

Back of Bag
Score 80 loops on thicker spokes. 
Row 1-(purl side) 2 L, * (1 L, 1 of, 1 L) in the trail. Loop, 3 visas; Repeat from * up to 2 last loops which to touch obverse. 
Range 2-Purls to the end of the range. 
Number 3-2 L, * 3 visas, (1 L, 1 of, 1 L) in the trail. Loop, repeat from * up to 2 last loops, which are Projazlyat facial. 
The range is four-purls to the end of the range.
Repeat rows 1-4 until the length reaches 23 cm. Finish 4th next. 
Penultimate row-(purl side) 2 L, * 3 visas; Repeat from * up to 2-pos of ice loops which are to be projazat by obverse. There will remain 43 loops. 
The last row-purl on a wooden spoke.

Front part Bags
Dial 80 loops and knit as the back of the bag.

Handle (2)
Dial 6 loops on thinner spokes. Knit with a handkerchief (all loops of each row knit face) until the length reaches 50 cm. Close loops.

Sew the bottom of the bag and the sides, leaving the side seams unsewn to the wooden spokes 5-6 cm. That loops from wooden spokes did not slide off, to smear slightly last loops superglue. Sew the handles.


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