Knitted Nice Poncho Free Pattern

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Product Length (maximum): 60 cm
Width of the product (between the lower edges of the sleeves): 100 cm

You will need to
Tweed yarn (90% wool, 10% viscose; 50 g/60 m) – 9 Motks Brown; Circular Spokes № 10 length 60 and 80 cm, circular spokes № 8 length 40 cm, hook № 7; 9 Markers for knitting; White leather cord with a diameter of 5 mm length 100 cm.

Density of Knitting
9 p. x 16 r. = 10 x 10 cm, is associated with a pearl pattern.

The Product is knitted from the bottom upwards, and 3 triangular tips are gradually formed.

Doing the work
On Circular Spokes № 10 length 80 cm to dial 246 p. and Projazit 1 p. Facial.

In the next row distribute the loops for the details of the poncho and ensure that the thread is not twisted.

1st row (= N. Row): * Attach marker, knit 11 p. Pearl Pattern, marker, 5 persons., 5 persons., 5 people, 5 persons., 5 persons. + 1 persons., marker, 5 persons. (= decreases line in each 2nd P.), 5 persons, 5 people, 5 persons, 5 people., 5 persons. *, repeat 3 times from * to * to the end of the series.

2nd row (= row with Ubavkami): * Knit 11 p. Pearl Pattern, 5 persons, 5 people., 5 persons., 5 people., 5 persons. + 4 persons., 2 p. To remove, as at a personal knitting, the following loop to touch a front and the removed loops to stretch through the Projazelno, 4 persons., 5 Izh., 5 persons., 5 persons., 5 people., 4 persons. + 1 persons. *, repeat 3 times from * to * to the end of the series.

In each row with the Ubavkami reduce to 6 p.

At the next kill on the line decreases: 3 persons., Ubava, 3 persons., and so on.

In height Repeat the 1st and 2nd rows.

Ubavki in each 2nd p. To perform strictly over the lower of the previous row, and the number of loops of the gum gradually decreases. When the hinges are Side 2 Remove, Touch 1 And the removed loops to stretch through the projazthe.

If necessary, switch to circular spokes № 10 60 cm long.

Continue knitting until it is 3 times 5 persons. = Triangular ends and 3 times on 11 p. Pearl pattern = only 48 p.

Go to circular spokes № 8 length 40 cm and knit 13 cm elastic band: Alternately 1 persons., 1 H.

Loops are free to close the pattern of gum.

Bottom edges to crochet 1 p. St. b/N and 1 p. soed. Art. The Ends of the threads to be sealed.

Wash the Product by hand, press in the washing machine and dry.

The Cord to be sold in the middle under armholes through 1 of 11 loops of a pearl pattern, then through a triangular tip, to tighten and tie a knot.

One pointed tip of the poncho lies in the middle of the front, and the other two sides on the backrest next to the hand holes. The Cord can be put in another place or to do without it.

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