Knitting Jacket with Shawl Collar

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Shawl Collar Jacket Dimensions: 42/44 (46/48-50/52 in) 54/56 for the size of 42/44, the numbers are in front of the brackets, for the sizes 46/48 and 50/52-in parentheses through the dash, for the size of 54/56 numbers are behind the brackets. If there is one number, it applies to all sizes. 
You will need: Yarn 1 (48% alpaca wool, 36% poly-Acrylic, 9% polyamide, 7% Liester; 180 m/50 g}-300 (300-350) 350 g white; Yarn 2 (25% wool, 20% mohair, 20% Liamida, 20% polyacryl, 15% camel wool; 137 m/25 g)-15b (150-175) 175 g black; Spokes BS 6 (with loose knitting} or BS 7 (with dense knitting); Z-Poo. Jacket knit in 2 strands-1 white thread and 1 black thread! Pattern 1: (Spokes BS 6 or 7) pattern strap, elastic band = alternately 1 purl crossed (the spokes to enter behind the back of the loop so that the loop once overlapped), 1 front crossed (the spokes to enter behind the back of the loop so that the loop 1 time PE-recruited). 
Pattern 2: {spokes Mabiti 7} basic pattern, facial surface = face-rows-facial loops, Izon-night Series-purls loops. 
The density of knitting: 13 p. x 18 P. = 10 x 10 cm, is associated with the main pattern. 
Backrest: 2 threads (1 white and 1 black) dial on the spokes 78 (83--88) 93 loops and tie a 6 cm pattern strap, then knit with a new pattern, with both sides to add every 3.5 cm 13 x 1 P. = 104 (109-114) 119 p. Through 30 (29-28 (27 cm from the Manka to mark from both hundred -Ron Armholes. After 18 (19-20) 21 cm from the beginning of the Armi close on both sides for the shoulder-owls in each 2nd p. 4 x 3 p. and 7 x 4l. (2ozt. and 9o4 T.-10o4 T. E 1 х5p.) 8х4p. i3х5p. Formountain-Lovina ZAKRP the remaining 24 (25-24} 25 p. 
Left Shelf: 2 threads (1 black and 1 white) dial on the Spokes 36 (38-41) 43 loops and tie 6 cm pattern strips, then knit with a new pattern. Thus on a great edge through every 3.5 sm to add 13 x 1 P. = 49 (51-54) 56 p., at the same time 14 cm from the lath (on the 4th increment = 40 (42-45) 47 p. For the entrance to the Kar-man to tie in the Lyceum Row 8 p., the following 19 p. Its-bone close and the range to finish. For bags The pocket to dial on the additional spokes 21 p. and 14 cm of the main knot. In the next row Vlo-live sacking in the entrance to the Kar-man, with the last loop of the shelves to stick together with the lane loop burlap, as well as the last loop burlap stick together with the first pet-Lei entrance to the pocket shelves, yes-more continue to knit shelf on All loops. After 29 cm from the strap for V-shaped throat-guilt close on the left side of the edge of 1 p. and then in each 6th p. Close 8 x 1 p. contemporaneously-Menno through the Z0 (29-28) 27 cm from the strap to put on the right edge for the armi tag, as on the back. After 18 (19-20) 21 cm from the beginning of the Armi perform a hollow bevel, as on the back. 
Right shelf: Knit Simme-trically left shelf. 
Sleeves: 2 Threads (1 black and 1 white) dial on the spokes for each sleeve on 32 (35-37) 40 loops and tie 8 cm pattern trims, then knit the main pattern. For bevel sleeves at-DD on both sides in each 6th p. 7 x 1 P. = 46 (49-51) 54 p. 27 cm from the strap close all loops. 
Right half of Collar: 2 threads (1 black and 16) its-Bone to dial on spokes 108 p. and to tie 6 sm a pattern of a lath. On the reverse side close the front 45 of the p. = 63 p. Then in each 2nd p. Close 9ok3 T. and 5 o 2 T. At the end of the close 26 p. 

Left half of the collar: in the mirror display relative to the right side of the collar, but with 3 holes for buttons, for which in the 3rd row of the initial row to tie 3 p., ' Close 1 p., tie 12 p., from ' Repeat one more time, close 1 p. and finish a series of . In the next of the nano-series on the place of Clos loops re-dial 1 p. 
Assembly: Both burlap the pockets of the pocket, possibly unnoticed from the side of the night, sewn to the locs. Perform shoulder, side seams and sleeve seams. Sew the halves of the collar on the line of the middle of the backrest and the collar-nick fastened with the edge sewn into the neck. Sew Sleeves. At-sew buttons. 
The thickness of the spokes in our instructions is indicated by the size of the spokes, which is used by our masters to execute the model. If you knit more densely or, on the contrary, has friable, to you on nadobjatsja thicker or thin spokes. Note that when you loose knitting, the finished thing may look careless.

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