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Size: 80x42 cm.

You will need:

thin yarn of pink color No. 32 in 2 additions;
hook number 2.5.
Chain of 7 in. n. we close in a circle a connecting column.

1 row: 1 in. lifting point, 9 tbsp. b / n in the ring from. com. st. in the lifting loop.

2 row: 3 in. lift point, * 4th c. Clause 1 of Art. lower row skip, 1 tbsp. s / n in the next article bottom row * - perform 4 times, 4 c. com. st. in the 3rd lifting loop.

Rows 3-20 knit on cx. 16, at the same time at the beginning of each row we perform the required number of lifting loops, and we close the row and proceed to the next one with the help of a connection. st.

We carry out the second part of the napkin according to the same scheme, then we sew both parts together or crochet them next to each other. st. Finally, along the perimeter of the track, we perform another 1 row of strapping (it is shown in gray in the diagram).

Erase the finished track, starch, lay on a flat surface, jokes with pins for each fan, and dry. Iron the track in a slightly damp state on the seamy side.

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