Knit Comfortable Scarf Pattern

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Difficulty: Low
Working time: 4 hours
Materials: Knitting needles, yarn, gift, gift to a girl

Today is an overcast day... and a little frosty... Outside the window-10... I hardly woke up and frankly, I would like to sleep more... Lie in a warm cozy crib under a soft blanket, and then cook delicious Cuban coffee, tucked in a blanket and enjoying its aroma and taste, "finish", or rather to think insanely beautiful and fabulous dream, and then devote a whole day to his beloved... But! The trumpet is inexorably calling forward! To new achievements, knowledge and desires! I just looked out of the window and admire the view... Beauty... As they say, nature has no bad weather! :) But still want to talk about something warm and soft...:)

It seems that winter is coming to an end, but we all understand that this is the most "treacherous" time!))) So it's time to save your favorite girlfriends, moms or just good people, and take care of their health in this period of the off-season!!)))

Today I want to share with you one "recipe" of a gift by March 8! "Snow White" scarf!!! Everyone who is interested-Welcome to my Master Class! "A comfortable scarf-or how to make a gift with your own hands."

For those who can knit facial and purls loops. Materials for creativity-spokes 4.5, yarn Stella from VITA 2 pieces (48% wool, 52% acrylic, 255 m-100 grams), mohair Delikat from NAKO (40% mohair, 60% acrylic, 500 m-100 gr) 0.5 Motochka. It is necessary to knit in three addition-2 wool mixture + mocher.

These calculations are given for such yarn, but you can replace the other appropriate (if you can not calculate, in the store of yarn you will gladly help, usually there are competent sellers).

On Needles 4.5 to dial 10 loops (5 sm), to knit a platelkoj-all rows of obverse, simultaneously adding on each party on 1 loop. Increase in each second row 9 times (will be 28 loops on the spokes-20 cm width). It is up to a height of 15 cm. In the next row evenly subtract 13 loops, will remain 15 loops. Knit an 8 cm rubber Band 1 * 1 and put the loops on the auxiliary spokes.

To dial 15 loops from the back side of the last row of a binding and to reach 8 sm an elastic band (there will be a second party of a loop in which the other end of a scarf is inserted).

Bring all the loops together as follows: The first loop with the auxiliary spokes together with the first loop in the work, then the second loop with the auxiliary spokes together with the second loop in the work, etc.

In the next row to add 13 loops evenly, will turn 28loops. Knit.

When the length of the work reaches 75 cm, in the next row to reduce evenly 13 loops (will remain 15 loops), Projazit 15 loops an elastic band, then in the next row evenly add 13 loops-turn out 28 loops, and continue to knit a platelkoj another 8 cm.

Simultaneously diminishing from both sides through a series of the following way: On the right-to remove the loop not Projazhui, 1 obverse and to stretch through removed; Left-2 faces together. When 10 loops remain in the work – close all loops.

A little patience and our skills-and in the locker room you or your loved ones will have an amazing and warm little thing to accentuate your individuality!!!

A similar description of the scarf is also on the Internet... And do not throw in Me Tapkami)))... But I supplemented it with my calculations and notes for beginners knitters!! This is very important (calculations of loops for a certain type of yarn)!!! In the Internet as always the sea of information, notes, but there is not all clear to us.

I tied a lot of these scarves to order and for gifts, and no lady DCs such an interesting "thing" was not indifferent. Such a gift will decorate and, most importantly, will warm beautiful creatures:)

I really hope that my article for you will be useful and necessary! If something has been explained somewhere – ask, I will explain:)

Still agree, knitting interesting and exciting activity!

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