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If you look at practical on any development, we’ll see that the line is 
the golovinas go down below, than on the spine (even in the press on the 
bottom), which is not surprising, considering the specialties of our organizations. 
This difference in height between spine and front knitting is called spun. 
Then in the sewing process - this is the line of the golovina on the spine. “We will not go 
deep into the field of criminality. Our goal is to bind things that can 
be worn, and not important as it is. 

In order to knit a rope to a harness to those who are beginning to knit it, so that the 
bindings connected with them concurrently to the force of the harmony of the composer with a turn-wrangle of his or her turn, are 
drawn by a wrench. So no - not a shed, even with a precise 
copying of the pictures. It is easy to turn experementally, due to the fact that
and in the course of the observations, she persuaded herself that she “pulls from behind” and “chokes the 
front”. And even worse is the calculated result better than him. 

Let us give recommendations on how to calculate - how much should be the elongation of the 
backrest in relation to the front. 

The calculation of the test for 

for three years, who suffer from the crime of displacing and can not suffer 
from the shortage of; for very thin models who don’t 
carry those things that donate - 0-1.5 cm. 
Depot - 3 cm. 
Razmep from 42 to 50 - 5 cm. 
Razmep from 50 and above - 7 cm. 
For stooped threads, it may be longer than a maximum inactivator. 
Determining the height of the sewing, taking into account the individual
specialties. Then we measured the length of the spina from the base of the neck, and then 
measured the length of the spina from the seventh cervical call. Raznitsa between these 
values ​​and there will be a constant. This is not the case for each person who needs us 
to knit, but she can serve as an operator, as a figure, 
away from standard values. 

It is necessary to deter- mine the development of the 
compu- tation of the process of the composition of the process of the composition of the 
process of the 
composition of the process of the 
composition of the The weight of the neck is 36 cm, the knitting tightness is 24 = 10 cm. 
Piping = (36 / 6-1) * 24/10 = 12 steps. 
The width of the patch = the width of the back + of the two of the two arms and the bound 
lines + 2 of the loop.
For example, take a width of 72 pets. 
It is necessary to bind on the spine on 12 rows more, than on the arms and in front. 
After that, the figure on the front of him will not be in touch with the spin on the 
keyboard (especially if the disc is a part of the application and is not on the start of the 
program and is not on the way. It will not be. Βepoyatno, c this 
nado cmipitcya in kontse kontsov, nikto ne nA cmotpit Backrest and peped 
odnovpemenno, libo podognat vycotu poctka pod vybpanny uzop or 
naobopot, vybpat dpugoy uzop, podhodyaschy pod vycotu poctka. 

Note that in the models of the models in the journals, the process of the whole is not 
susceptible, apparently, to simplify the life of the motorists and the life of the 
Shortage of the hole does not depend on it, just a deep cut. You 
plan to cut in front of you. It is possible to knit, even with a great deal of the money at the heart of the 
game and the money, to get the money of the card, to get the money of the card, to put the money on it, and because the headband of the 
neckline is forward, and the curvature of the neckline is forward, which has been made. 

Purification of the Poop 
with the help of how to bind. 
Pledge of faith. It is easy to lengthen the back in the midline of the tomb, 
fear, this is not enough for whom. Here and there in the country Strana I have seen 
such right angles. 
The obligation is set below. Here you can allow yourself to extend the backrest by a 
few intimates. Obviously, we need to lengthen and the guide lines 
, which will be attached to the spine, for the same value. Β
The result of the upper line of the line will be the inclination. 
Extend the spine can be inseparable, for example, with cropped or 
extended rows. 
So there are 12 ranges and 72 petals. Let us consider these patterns for 11 groups of the 
72 = 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 12 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 in 
accordance with the following patterns: bind the center 12 tows and our 
drivers , we will have our own lines: pabotu 
Βyazhem 6 + 12 + 6 petel, povopachivaem pabotu 
Βyazhem 6 + 12 + 6 + 6 petel, povopachivaem pabotu 
Βyazhem 6 + 6 + 12 + 6 + 6 petel, povopachivaem pabotu 
and tak dalee in kazhdom pyadu vovlekaya dopolnitelno esche 6 petel, until those 
times when all 72 hitherto shall not be bound, after what is returned to
normal round knitting. 

How do you knit the thread? right after the backbone of the horizon or on a few rows 
below, or after the coquette before thinking. 

Methods for changing spitz Knitting around in a circle, making a painter complex and not 
wishing to do the same, can be done using 4 pairs of round sprites, for 
example, two pairs of matrices. The head and 
arm are knitted on the lips of a smaller size, the spine and the back part of the handles 
are on a large scale of the tail. Due to the greater compactness of the 
spin is longer (and wider, which does not enter into our planes). 
It is verified that the caravan is conveniently rebuilt with it, that you can try on the first 
stage and see the deficiencies so that you can see the deficiencies
enthusiasm and strength to let go and perevyazat. 

The displacing parallels of the figure-wise method can be obtained by mighty fetters for the 
initiating knitters (we don’t need the covenants in our hands), and all of them know it). 

For the products associated with the strand, the flow has also not been canceled. 

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