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Stylish women's cardigan knitted with knitting needles with a lace mesh of cotton fashionable light blue.

A sweet and gentle female cardigan from the new collection of Kim Hargreaves makes you stop your attention. As typical for models from this designer, she does not use complex patterns, but successfully manipulates simple knitting, yarn and color, creating her masterpieces. In the fashion trend, now emphasized femininity, elegant colors and lines, so a similar cardigan should be in the wardrobe of every woman.

The description of knitting cardigan with knitting needles is made for the sizes XS (S, M, L, XL, XXL). Therefore, it can be linked for thin slender girls, and for women of magnificent shapes. When choosing the size, you can also orient to the chest girth: 81 (86, 91, 97, 102, 109)

The Cardigan assumes a fit in the figure, with no allowance in the chest area, because the knitted mesh is so satisfied that it is flexible and easily changes its shape. It will be stylish to wear it open-ended, without fastening, wearing a light dress, a top or a blouse of white color under the bottom.

Materials for knitting a fishnet cardigan:
To knit fishnet cardigan it is logical to use summer yarn: cotton, viscose, linen, silk or a mixture of these fibers.

Kim recommends a medium-thickness cotton Rowan Summerlite DK (100% cotton giza length 130 meters in coils weighing 50 grams): 7 (8, 8, 9, 9, 10) light blue blue Silvery Blue.

one pair of spokes 2.75 mm for knitting the lower pattern,

one pair of spokes 3.25 mm for knitting an openwork mesh.

6 items.

The density of knitting cardigan:
26 p. And 52 p. = 10 cm garter stitching with spokes 2.75 mm,

16 p. And 36 p. = 10 cm the main openwork pattern mesh with needles 3.25 mm.

Notes on knitting an openwork cardigan:

Cardigan knits with knitting needles with a wide border of the Basque to stabilize the canvas, and another openwork pattern for the upper part. Crosses are made on the sides of the cardigan to the height of the rim.

The sides of the shelves knit with garter stitch along with the knitting of the shelves.

Sleeve vtachnoy with the same border on the cuffs, as on the main body.

Source : http://vjazhi.ru/vyazanie-dlya-zhenshhin/palto-i-kardigany/azhurnyj-kardigan-spicami-glimpse.html

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