Gray Dress with Three Braids

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Yarn: acrylic 100% microfiber 50g - 170m in a hood. It took 4 hanks gray and less 
hank pink. (at the age of 1.5-2 years, length of the armhair is 38 cm) 
Spokes: circular number 3 and hood 2.5 for girdle and fastener. 
Density: 27.8 leaves -> 10cm. 
Knitting on circular, therefore, I typed 240 loops and the first 2 rows were knitted simply by 
Further, the distribution of the loops (put the markers): the 
braid: 3 + 8 + 3 = 14 (the braid from the 8 facial and the 3-sided loops to the sides), the 
distance between the braids: 16 n the 
distance between the transmission braids and the back (side of the sarafan): 46 loops. 
After distributing the markers on the circular spokes, you should get:
46 + 14 (braids) + 16 + 14 (braids) + 16 + 14 (braids) + 46 + 14 (braids) + 16 + 14 (braids) + 16 + 
14 (braids) = 240 loops. 
The main canvas sarafan - garter stitch: if on the circular knitting needles, then alternate the 
series of facial, a series of purl. On straight spokes - all rows of facial loops. 
Scythe: 3 loops inlaid, 8 facial, 3 purl strips (if on straight spokes, then on the 
wrong side we are tying the facial-facial, purl- on the wrong side.) 
Turning the braid somewhere in 10-12 rows, 
narrowing down in each 14th row on 1 loop between the braids. And so while between the 
facial loops of braids I have 7 loops left (on the height it goes to the end of the 
I made a decrease only between the braids on each half, the number of loops between
spit halves does not change! 
Then on the front shelf you need to make a girdle for the girdle. 
I did this: immediately after the turn of the braid, 8 facial loops of the braids were transferred to a 
separate spoke and knitted further separately, and on the main strip "instead of it" I typed 5 
loops and knitted them with the purlins. And so until the next turn of the braid (10-12 rows), in the 
last row before the turn, connected the braids with the main cloth by tying their 
loops together. Those. as it were, "return" the pigtail to the place as it was. And in the next row we 
perform a turn. It turns out a harness from one link of the pigtail, and beneath it 
is the purlinae with a cut in the place of the donation of the loops, which I sewed from the wrong side with the same thread that I 
Then everything is as usual: armholes and throat. I made the buckle on my shoulder, because personally I did not 
want to "break" the beautiful braid weaving. The main 
thing is to "beautifully fit" when tying the neck into the twists of braids. As a result, under the roll-out of the neck on both 
shelves, the hinges of all braids must be closed. 
Then the bottom, armholes and throat tied with a hook. 
Belt knitted with a rubber band. 


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