Childrens T-shirt with Ruffle

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Size 116 cm
My knitting density
20 p10 cm.
To the girth of the breast to add 5-7 cm for freedom of slink.

Dial 128 loops in the usual way, close the knitting in a circle. Knit faces. I'm 22 cm old. Divide the knitting into 2 parts- front and back on 64 p. The first part of the marker will be the back, we'll put the second marker- it's in front. You can remove one part on the doap. spokes or thread.

Next knit only the back - for the opening to close at the beginning of the row 2 p, knit the row to the end, turn the knitting and knit from the range - at the beginning close 2 loops and knit a row of wear. p. to the penultimate loop, turn the knitting and close 1 p. - due to the left untied loop there will be no steps when closing loops.
So repeat to a height of 9 cm from the beginning of the run and tie the neck. There are 40 loops on the spokes.

Gorlova: close the average 20 p. To round close 1/2p, 2/1 p. in the same way as the prome- without steps. At the same time, we continue to close the loops for the prom until there are 6 loops on the spokes. We will be able to remove the strap in height of another 5 cm and remove the loops on the pin.

Similarly, we will also have a second shoulder.
For the transmission all the same, only the neck close a couple of rows earlier.
We connect the smour loop into a loop.

Rush: take the spokes to the number more,
Dial on the bottom of the top of the loop trail. in each loop, tie two loops first behind the front wall, then behind the back wall. And knit pattern "rice" 5-6 cm, loops close the usual way.
❗IMPORTANT - the ruffles begin to knit on the set edge. You could leave the set edge open with the help of the additional thread, but so the edge will stretch, and we need a different effect!
The smables and neck can be hooked - for example, connective columns.
Or leave it that way.
That's it, your T-shirt is ready to 👌. Be sure to wash, dry, steam.

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