Knitting Raglan Cardigan Free Pattern

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Knitting Raglan Cardigan Sizes: 38/40 (42, ' 44) 46/48 )

You will need: 1200 (1250) 1300 g Beige yarn starwool mahј (100% Merino wool, 80 m] 50 g); Governor The spokes of 5.5; Circular Spokes 3.5 and MV 5.5; Hooks 1.5, 2.5 and 5; 5 Transparent buttons 
20 mm and 5 transparent buttons Diameter of 16 mm. LCH: Persons. P.-Persons. P., N. P.-N. P. 
Special (Pritalisation): 
in persons. P. At the beginning of the p. After Chrome. About 
Knit 2 p. Together persons., 3 end p. to 
Chrome. Carry out the stretch take off 
1 p. As a LCH, persons. and stretch it out 
Through removed P.), 
Platelka Mating: persons. and N. P.- Persons. P. 
IPMs. Surface: Persons. P.-N. P., N. P.-Persons. P. 
Pattern for folds (from 32 p.): 8 p. 
Exact mating, 1 p. N. Gladi, 14 p. 
Knitting, 1 P. Gladi, 8 p. Knitting. 
Fold left (from 24 p.): Leave 8 
P. On the 1st VoP. The spokes before working 
The same, translate 8 p. to the 2nd Vpom. 
The spokes, put the 2nd vom. Spoke 
Behind the 1st Vpopee. Spokes. Then the 
Knit 8 x to 1 p. from both the VOP. 
Spokes with 1 p. On the left working spokes 
(lying behind) together persons.; The 16 p. 
Fold right (out of 24 T): Leave 
8 p. On the 1st Vpom. Spoke at work, 
Translate 8 p. to 2nd. Spoke 
Put the 2nd vom. Spoke before the 1st 
Boeufs. Spoke, then 8 x 1 
P. On the left working spokes (lying 
Front) with 1 p. Spokes 
Together lie down 16 p. 
Special B (Bevel): 
in persons. P. At the beginning of the P. Krom., 1 persons. And 
2 p. Persons together., at the end of the 
P. Knit to 4 p., then 1 stretch, 1 
Persons. and Chrome. 
Openwork pattern A (from 24 p. + 2 CZK.): 
Knit between chrome. According to the scheme, on 
Which only persons are listed. P., in 
IPMs. P. All loops knit on the figure, 
Knitting yarn Repeat from 1st 
On the 12th p. 
Openwork pattern B (from 24 p. + 2 Krom.): 
Knit like a fishnet pattern a, but the media 
4 p. Cross to the right: the 
2 p. Spoke at work, 
Two persons. and to touch the loops with the vom. 
Spokes of persons. 
Small flower: 1st circular R.: 
In the initial loop to associate 8 art. b [N, 
Finish 1 co-ed. In 1st St, B, ' N: 
Tighten the initial loop. 2nd 
Circular p.: 1 AD N. Instead of the 1st art. 
B, ' n, • 4 etc., skip 1 art. b/N 
Previous circular P "1 art. 5/8 
Repeat from • 2 more times, finish 
4 units and 1 Co-op. Art. Into the replacement 
Commander. P. 3rd circular R.: In each arch 
Previous circular P. 1 Co. Art. 
3 art. + 1 co-ed. Art. Link 1 time 
From the 1st to the 3rd circular p. 
Density of knitting. Persons. Surface and 
Surface: 16.5 p. and 23 P. = 10 x 10 cm; Pattern 
For folds: 16 p. and 32 p. 10 x 10 
See Openwork pattern: 18 p. and 25 p. 10 x 
10 cm; Platelka knitting: 15 p. and 32, 5 p. 
10 x 10 cm. 
Backrest: On the spokes of 5.5, dial the 
Set (see page 31) 
106 (113) 120 p. and knit faces. Gla 
Dew. To complete the 
From the inlaid edge on both sides in 
Each 10th R. Lo x 1 Special 
A: 86 (93) 100 p. Nerez 63.5 
CM = 146 R. (61 cm = 140 R.) 5d, 5 cm = 
134 R. From inlaid edge Close for 
Of the reglane on both sides of the 5 p., 
Simultaneously to touch and postpone 
The following 13 p., then perform 
In each 2nd P. 22 (25) 28 x 1 Special 
B. At the height of the Reglan 20 
CM d. (22.5 cm = 52 R.) 25 cm = 58 
P. or respectively through 83.5 cm 
= 192 R. From Inlaid Edge close 
Remaining 6 (7) 8 p. 
Left shelf: start from Z parts. 
For the Bpkloy part dial on the spokes 
5.5 Cross-shaped set 30 
(32) 34 p. and knit faces. Surface. For 
The suitebut of the 
Edge on the right side in each 
10th p. 5 x 1 Special Decrease A 
25 (27) 29 p. through 25 cm = 58 R. From 
Inlaid edge stretch with left 
Side of the previous L. Through Crom. 
And postpone the remaining 24 (26) 28 
P. For the Nishdenn. P-: Dssh dial on 
Needles 5.5 Cross-shaped 
35 (37) 39 p. and knit follow-up 
In the following way: Crom., 28 (30) 32 p. 
Persons. Gladi, 1 P. N. Gladi (Z Line 
4 p. Persons. Inner surface 
bar), Crom. After 25 cm = 58 R. From 
Inlaid edge stretch with right 
Side of the following p. Through the cROI. 
And postpone the remaining 34 (36) 38 
For the Shddki to dial on Spokes 
5.5 Cross-shaped set of 34 p. and In the Set 
IPMs. P. All hinge faces. Then knit 
Between Chrome. Pattern for folds. 
After 25 cm = 80 p. from inlaid 
Edge to stretch from both sides through 

Chrome. The next or correspond 
The previous paragraph and postpone the remaining 
32. Connect all parts of the 
In the following way: on circular spokes 
5.5 to translate the hinges of the lateral 
The folds of the inner part and the 
Thread seams, then knit at 90 (94 in) 
98 in the following way: Crom., 1 
Special decrease A, 13 (15) 17 persons. , 
1 fold to the left (2 to 8 p. lateral 
Parts and 16 p. Pattern for folds), 1 
Fold right on the 16 p. Pattern for 
Folds and 8 p. of the internal part), 20 
(22) 24 persons, 1 person, 4 persons. Chrome. On 
This all loops pattern for folds 
Used. Continue knitting on 
Remaining 57 (61) 65 persons. Surface 
But continuing the loops of the izn. Gladi for 
The bend and for further 
Every 10th p. 
4 x Special Decrease A = 53 (57 in) 
61 the P. For the Reglane bevel to close on the 
Height of the backrest on the right side 5 p., 
and postpone the following 13 
P., then perform in each 2nd p. 
24 (27) 30 x 1 Special Decrease V. 
Height of the Reglan 22 cm = 50 p. (24.5 cm 
56 p.) 27 cm: 62 p. Close 5 (6) 7 
N., to fold down and dissolve 
The following p. N. Consequences, 
L. Up to inlaid edge to pick up 
Crochet 5 and knit her upstairs faces., 
Taking for each p. 2 
River threads, the last L. On the hook 
Again to the left spoke and 
Close the remaining 6 p. Internal 
The bar of the shelves to reject the bend 
Inside and sew. Total Height 85.5 
CM = 196 R. From inlaid edge. 
Right Shelf: knit symmetrical 
Sleeves: On the spokes 5.5 to dial the 
A set of 42 (48) 54 p. 
and knit Surface. For bevel 
Sleeves add from inlaid edge 
On both sides in every 12th (12th) 
10th p. 7 x 1 P. 56 (62) 68 p. Through 
43.5 cm 100 R. (41 cm 294 R.) 38.5 cm 
= 88 R. From inlaid edge Close for 
Of the reglane on both sides of the 5 p., 
and postpone the following 13 
P. and Middle 20 (26) 32 p. Knit. 
Smoothness without any decrease, after 22 cm = 
50 p. (24.5 cm p.) 27cm = 62 p. from 
Closing/adjournment loops all loops 
Close, with the app 
The Edge before closing the 
Loops on 2 p. Together = 10 (13) 16 
Closed N. 
Reglane: Perform side 
Seams and seams of sleeves. Knit on the Gori- 
Rectangular closed edges of shelves 
and backrest and the corresponding 
Edges of the sleeve with the following 
Way: For the 1st Insert translate 
On Spokes 5.5 postponed 13 p. 
Right shelves, adjacent postponed- 
13 p. Right sleeve L knit on 
26 L. openwork pattern A. At height 
Openwork pattern 24 cm; 60 p. (26.5 
CM = 66 R.) 29 cm = 72 R. All Loops 
Close. Link the following 3 
Ki the same but at 26 p. Right sleeve 
and backless perform openwork pattern 
b, on 26 p. Backrest and left sleeve 
-Openwork pattern A and 26 p. Left 
Sleeves and left shelves-openwork 
Pattern B. Execute seams on inserts, 
At the same time sew Chrome. and stretch 
or plant the edges to a height 
Corresponding Reglan. 
Assembly: on circular spokes 3.5 
Dial the neck cut 114 
(123) 132 p., Tie for collar 
15 cm scarf and all hinges 
Close the persons. Crochet 2.5 
Two flowers and sew them over the top of the 
Folds. Decorate the buttons follow- 
Way: Fill in the internal 
Holes of the Seams "loop" and " 
Red Needle. " Crochet r •. h 1.5 
The outer edge of the Ј circular p. 
b/N, observing an even number of loops 
and finish 1 soed. Art. In the 1st dt. 

b/N. To connect the arch edge 
' 4. L., skip 1 art. 6n 
Previous circular P., 1 Co. 
To repeat from •, the last co-ed. 
St., run in the 1st. P. Sew 
Buttons in the form of decoration through 2 L. 
From the bend to the right shelf, 
This top button to sew on the 
3 cm below the neck cut, 
buttons to sew under it 
At intervals of d cm measured from 
Middle to middle button). 
Sew the tops of the buttons on those 
Same places on the inside of the 
The inner bar of the right shelf. 
The lower parts of the buttons respectively 
Sew on the left shelf 

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