Elegant Patterned Knitwear

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Size: 38/40 and 42/44. The instructions for the larger size are in 
Brackets if they differ from the size of 38/40. 
Nbtephaa: Ggh • M01ina (1000.6 cotton, length 100 m/50 g) 600 (700) G 
Blue Melange. Color. N2 8. Spokes and circular spokes 40 cm dl. NQ 4. 
Rubber: In •. 1 person. Crossed P., 1 N. P. 
Purl Surface: R.-N. P., N. P.-Persons. P. 
Koea: See Scheme where only the M-s are specified. P., in P. Knit p. 
Drawing Persons. The scraper. N. Knit The scraper. P.; Yarn P. 
Density of Knitting: Patterns: 24-25 p. and 27-28 r. = 10x10 Sm. 
Backrest: Dial 115 (125) and knit 1st. P. N. P., Next: Crom. 
P., 21 (23) p. Pattern A, 15 (17) p. Pattern B, 11 p. Pattern C, 2-20 (2-22) 
P. From pattern A, 11 p. Pattern C, 15 (17) p. of pattern B, 21 (23) p. Pattern A,chrome P. = 125 (135) p. After 5th p. At an altitude of 36 cm for armholes of sleeves Close with about. Parties 1x4 P. = 117 (127) p. Then on the first 17 (19) p.: 
Chrome. P., 1 P. N. L., 1 persons. The scraper. N. (cross the Faces. P. v. P. Knit 
Seal P.), 4-14 (4-16) p. From pattern B, 1 persons. The scraper. P., 1 P. N. Hl. 
1 scrape faces. P., to the end of the R. Knit symmetrically. I'm a Reglana 
Close with about. Parties in the seeming. 2nd R. 33 x (368 2 p. Together 
IPMs. To do this, from the right edge Knit 17 (19) p., then 2 together; 
Until the last 19 (21) p., then 2 together. At an altitude of 61 cm (65 in) see 
Postpone the remaining 51 (55) p. 
Before: Knit as a backrest. 
Vjava: Dial 51 (53) p. and knit 2 cm faces. Gladyu, then: Crom. P. 
18-20 (20-22) p. From pattern A, 11 p. Pattern C, 21 (23) p. Pattern A, 11 p. 
Pattern C, 2-4 p. From pattern a, chrome. P. = 57 (59) p. After 5th p, for bevel 
Sleeves to add to the. Parties in Kazi. 13th (7th) p. Pattern 1x1 p., 
Then in EA. 6th R. 15х1 (17X1) p. = 89 (95) p. Add Knit 
Pattern A. At an altitude of 42 (44) cm close with the. Of the parties 1x4 p. = 81 (87 
(P.), then to the end of the work: at the beginning of the p. Krom. P., 1 P. N. Hl. and 1 p. Persons. Scrap, on the last 3 p. 1 p. Persons. Cross, 1 p. Ch., Krem. P 
In addition, the blowing of the Reglan's bevel to close with the. Parties alternately in the 2nd and 4th R. 10х1 (14X1) p., then in EA. 2nd R. 19х1 (17X1) p. For this 
At the beginning of the P. 3 p., then 2. P. Together; Knit up 
The last 5 p. In the P., then 2. P. Together. At an altitude of 68 cm (72 in) see 
The remaining 23 (25) p. Postpone. The second sleeve is similar. 
The parts to pull and dry under a wet cloth. To be done 
Seams, then the seams of the sleeves and the side seams. From cut 
Neck on circular spokes to knit on a drawing postponed p., 
Closing Chrome. P. and on the average 11 p. M. A and on the average 9 p. pattern 
In a touch on each person. P. = 124 (136) p. Now on 
The remaining 9 and 7 p. Patterns A and B knit alternately 1 persons. Scraper N. 
and 1 Izњ p., the rest of the p. Knit as before. After 2 cm 
6 more P All n. 

Pattern Here :

Source : https://vk.com/club75380739?z=photo-75380739_409602865%2Fwall-75380739_3779

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