Women shawl crochet free pattern

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The size of the finished product is 30 cm wide and about 130 cm in length. 

We need: 

yarn - about 100g; 
cp Number 3. 

Type 4 loops. 

1 p .: persons to the extreme n., 1 nakid, 1 person .; 

2p .: 1litz, 1litz. for the lower part, persons. until the end of p. 

Repeat both rows again, having obtained 6p in work. 

We turn on the openwork pattern: 

1st p. and 5th p.: persons. up to the extreme n., 1n., 1litz .; 

2nd and 6th b.: 1lit., 1litz. for the bottom wall, persons. until the end of p .; 

3p .: 2licks, * 1n., 2n. in 1 persons. * - repeat from * to to * the last paragraph, 1 persons .; 

4th, 7th and 8th p.: Persons. 

Repeat these all p. to get half the length of the scarf (about 60 cm). 

From this moment, we make the following reductions: 

1st and 5th p.: Persons., Up to the extreme 3-hp., 2n. in 1 persons., 1 persons .;

2nd, 6th, 7th and 8th R.: persons .; 

3r.: 2lit., * 1n., 2n. in 1 person. * - repeat from * to * to the highest point, 1 person. 

Repeat these eight p. Up to the last 4P. Close the loops, tear off the thread and gently hide the ends. 

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