Melange Coat Free Pattern

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The size. 36.38/40, 42/44.46/48 
You will need-1150/125011350/ 
1450 g blue-beige yarn Xenia 
(42% Pito "viscose. Cotton, 92, 5 m); Spice 3.5 and 
Attention! The backrest and the shelves knit 
Be crossed. Arrows on the pattern- 
Direction of knitting. The data 
The copper in the main pattern is always 
are worn to a row without shortened 
Right edge). 
The basic knot of knitting is shortened- 
In rows, 1st p.: Persons, p. 24 
Work turn, 1 scum 
Connect 24 persons. 3-R: 48 
to the following 
Loop together, the work of the 
Return, 1 scum, 48 persons. 4-R: 72 
With the The next loop together with the 
Turn, 1 scum, 72 54 
96 in the case of the 
With the Next loop together 
Work turn. 1 scale 96 
Persons. $6, 7th, 9th, 10th p.; N, p, 
2.: 1 CZK.. • Persons... 2 p. 
Together pr., 1 scum, persons.. Temperatures 
to tear from •, Chrome. Repeat from 1st 
On the 10th p. 
Facial surface: Faces. P, — persons. On 

Purl surface: Lch R. P. 
Izn_ R.-Offshore p, 
Elastic: Alternately 2 persons. , 2. 
Density of knitting. Main pattern: 
21 p. and 32 p. ; 10 x 10 cm; IPMs. Surface: 
21 L, and 28 p. = 10x50 sm. 
Backrest: On the spokes of MP 4 dial 
115/113/111/109 p. and tie 2 p. 
Persons. Smooth, then knit the basics- 
The same pattern, it is through E R. 
Right side in each 2nd P. 2 x 
1, 1х2, 1x3. 1x4. х27, ' 2d/ 
31/33 p.: 159 P. through 9/10/11/12.5 
CM from the inlaid edge with the right one 
Wounds to add to the bevel of the shoulder 1 
P., then through 13/14.5/16/18 cm from 
Inlaid edges add p. = 
P. Through 29/31.5, ' 34/37 cm from the 
Side of the edge to reduce the 
Shoulder on the right side 1 p... Then 
33/36/39/42,5 cm from suitebut- 
Turn 1 p. 
CM from inlaid edge 
Close to the armholes with the right One 
Wounds 1х27129/31/33, 1 
P. 42/46/50/55 cm from the suitebut 
Close the remaining loops, 
Left shelf-on spokes 4 on- 
Take 115/113/111/109 p. and link 
2 p. Gladyu. Then knit the OS- 
A new pattern. Run 
On the right side. As on the back. 
Through cm from inlaid 
Edges to add to the shoulder bevel and 
Collar in each 2nd p. 5х1 p, and 
Additionally dial 2 x 2, 1 x 3, 
x 4 and 1 х9p. 184 p. via 
30,34/38/43 cm from inlaid edge 
Link 2 p. Persons. and loops of the 
Right Shelf: knit symmetrical 
Sleeves: On the Spokes 3.5 dial 
L. and tie 2 cm of rubber 
Koi. Then the Pedeichi on the Spokes 4 and 
Knit Surface. For bevel 
Kava to add on both sides in 
Each 12th p. 10 x 1 P.: 
7074/78/82 in 46 cm from the 
The edge of the board to close the 
Kava on both sides in every 2nd p. 
2x2 IB/6/8/8х 1 P., in the 4th p. 
2х 1 P. v each 2nd p. 5х1, 2 
Ulcer 1 х4p. Through 15/15/16/16 
CM from the beginning of the sleeve of the sleeves close 
Remaining loops. 

Assembly-Execute side 
Seams Collar halves 
The shelves and sew the 
The rotor to the neck cut 
Backless. The sleeves and the 
To curl the seams of the sleeves. 

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