Green Tunic Needles Free Pattern

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Sizes: 36/38. 40/42 and 44/46 Materials: Schulana yarn (100% merino wool 160 m / 50 g): 750 (800-850) g ​​of light green color №052. straight needles No. 4.5 and 5. circle, needles No. 5, 100 cm long, stocking needles No. 4.5. 
Patterns. Rubber A: izn. p .: chrome 0 (0-3) persons. paragraph 3 (7-8) izn. n .. * 6 persons. n., 8 out. n., repeat from *, finish 6 faces. paragraph 3 (7-8) izn. p., 0 (0-3) persons. n., chrome. In the faces. A row knit on pattern. 

Gum B: at 202 p. Persons.r .: * 6 p. smooth, 8 p. smooth, repeat from * another 13x, 6 out. Section. In total, there will be 15 back tracks on 

each of 6 points and 14 front paths on each of 8 points. Eraser C: from the inside: chrome. 1 person.p., * 4 ex. p., 2 person. p. repeat from *, finish 4 out p., 1 person. p., chrome. In the face. knit n. according to the picture. 

Gaps in the rubber band B: perform according to scheme A. Gray fields mean IS. tracks. 

The scheme to the dotted line shows the pattern to the middle of the work, after it you should knit the pattern symmetrically. 

Dotted line = middle of work. 

Braided pattern: knit according to schemes B, C and D. Double arrows show the middle of the work. The first p. schemes = 128th p. gum B. Knit under the scheme p. 1-38, then constantly repeat p. 39-50.

Diagram C shows a braided collar pattern of the back; Diagram D is a braided collar pattern in front: knit p. 1-24, then constantly repeat p. 25-26. 

Decorative slowdowns: in persons. smooth on the sides: right: chrome., 2 persons. p. 2 p. together persons., knit persons. stitch to the penultimate n., knit together 2 persons. with a tilt to the left = 1 p. remove, as with faces. knitting, trail. Claim the faces. and stretch through it the shot, chrome. 

Left: 2 p. Together persons. knit faces. stitch until the needle will not remain 5 p., 2 p. together persons. with a tilt to the left 2 persons. n., koom = 4 decreases in one p. 

Knitting density: 21 p. And 27 p. individuals. smooth surface * ca 10 x 10 cm. 38 p. and 28 p. woven pattern = 10 x 10 cm. 

Knitted tunic with knitting needles - job description

Back: dial on the circle, needles 294 (302-310) n. And, starting with Izn. p., knit gum A. After 1.5 cm - 5 p. gum A to distribute n. trace. way: chrome. 45 (49-53) p. persons. smoothing, gum B. 45 (49-53) p. persons. smooth For lateral bevels in 11 cm = and 30 p. Persons, smoothing to perform decorative decrements = 290 (298-306) p. Repeat these increments for another 11x in each 10th p. = 21 (25-29) p. smooth after and before chrome. n. Simultaneously, starting from the 70th p. = Pers. from the typesetting edge to perform reductions in the elastic band according to scheme A.

Through 47.5 cm = 129 p. From the typesetting edge on the middle 22 points of the elastic band B, start a braided pattern according to scheme B. To fit, add 6.5 (5-3.5 cm) = 18 (14-10) p. from the last side-down trim on 1p. = 22 (26-30) p. Individuals. smooth after and to crom.p. After 3.5 cm = 10 p. from gain close for armholes on both sides of 3 p., then close in each 2nd p. another 1 by 3 p., 2 by 2 by p. and 3 (5-7) x by 1 p. = 9. 911-13) of the p. smooth after and before chrome. In the 27th and 33rd p. from armhole before and after 2 wear points braided pattern to knit for 1 crossed faces. p. from broach = 11 (13-15) p. persons, smoothing after and before chrome.

Through 14.5 (16-17.5) cm = 40 (44-48) p. from armhole = in the 47th p. braided pattern according to scheme B close for shoulder bevels on both sides by 11 p., then in each 2nd p. another 1x 11 p. and 1x 10 (10-11) p. To cut the neck in the next. persons r. = 39 p. schemes B to put off the average 48 (50-52) p. 

Before: knit like a back, but for a deeper neckline through 12.5 (14-15.5) cm = 34 (38-42) p. from armhole = after the 39th p. Schemes B to put off the middle 36 s and first finish the right side. For the inner edge in the next 4th p. 1 p., Then in every 2nd p. 1x4 more p. and 1x1 (2-3) p. 

Finish the other side symmetrically.

Sleeves: on the spokes number 4.5, dial 56 p. Starting from 1 d.r .. knit the bottom bar with an elastic band C. After 3 cm = 9 p. from the typesetting edge go to the needles number 5 and knit persons. stitch, while in the first p. uniformly add 0 (4-8) p. = 56 (60-64) p. For bevels, add after 9 (7.5-6) ​​cm = 24 (20-16) p. individuals. smooth on both sides, 1 p., then in each of the 12th p. 2x 1 p., In every 10th p. 4x 1 p. And in each of the 8th p. Sx 1 p. = 76 (8084) p. Through 44 (42.5-41) cm = 118 (114-110) p. from the lower slat bar, close on both sides 3 p., then in each 2nd p. 3x by 2 p., 12 (14-16) x by 1 p., 2x by 2 p. And 1x by 3 p. Through 14 (15.5-17) cm = 38 (42-46) p. from the beginning of okat close the remaining 20 p.

Assembly: Run the side and shoulder seams. Place haylochnye knitting needles to place the deferred 48 (50-52) sections of the neckline of the back, dial 18 (19-20) points at both rounded edges of the neck in front and position the spokes averaging 36 points = total 120 (124-128) n. Evenly distribute n. on 4 needles and continue to knit a braided trace pattern, in the following way: 0 (11-2) w. p. 48 p. according to scheme C, 0 (1-2) int. Clause, * 4 persons. n., 2 out. n. repeat from * 2 more times. About (1-2) izn. p., 36 p. according to the scheme D, 0 (1-2) Iz. n., * 2 int. p. 4 persons. n., repeat from * 2 more times. After 24 p. only 96 (100-104) p. will remain on the needle. Continue more than 22 rubles, provoking the paragraph from the figure. Then close all paragraphs according to the figure. Bend the collar inward and sew to the edge of the neck on the wrong side to perform the seams of the sleeves and sew the sleeves.

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