Sleeveless A silhouette with a long back free pattern

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DIMENSIONS 36/38, 40/42, 44/46 

yarn (70% cotton, 30% wool; 110 m / z 50) - 450 (500-550) g of the green; Knitting needles number 5; circular needles No. 5 40 cm long. 


From the right edge = chrome., 3 sections of elastic, 2 persons. leave on the auxiliary needle before work, 2 pts knit together purl, 2 pts knit together the front, return 2 pp. to the left knitting needle and 1 p.

From the left edge = 2 n. Knit together the front one, 2 n. Knit together the wrong side, leave the 2 nos on the auxiliary spoke at work and 1 n. With the auxiliary knot knit with 1 n. chrome 

Facial row: chrome., 1 person., * 2 external, 2 person., From * repeat; 
purl row: knit loops on the picture. 

Front row: 3 persons .; from Row: 3 p. off, not knitting. 

Knit 60 paragraphs according to the above scheme from arrow a to arrow f, while repeating from areas a – b and e – f from the 1st to the 24th p., Repeating sections b – c and d – e from 1 on the 16th p., in the middle section c – d, repeat from the 1st to the 56th p. In the purl rows of the loop to knit on the pattern, nakida - facial, purl loops - from. crossed. 

21 p. X 25 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a rubber band in a slightly stretched form. 

Before shorter back. 


double thread to fold 130 (138-146) p. Crossed. 

Work to continue with an elastic band. 

After 16 cm = 40 p. from the dial-up row for bevels, perform on both sides 1 decorative trim = 122 (130–138) p.

To continue the bevels in each 24 (22–20th) p. execute on both sides another 4 times 1 decorative subtraction = 90 (98–106) p. 

Through 56 (54.5–53) cm = 140 (136–132) p. from the dial-up row close on both sides for the armholes on item 3 = 84 (92–100). 

After this decrease, perform the patent edge on the first and last 3 items, as described above. 

Through 22.5 (24–25.5) cm = 56 (60–64) p. from the beginning of the armhole loop temporarily leave. 

Double Thread, dial 130 (138–146) p. Crossed and knit 1 kn. a row of purlins. 

Then distribute the loops as follows: 35 (39–42) g. Paragraph, 60 p. Of the pattern with crossed loops, 35 (39–42) p. Gum (start with 1 w., 2 persons. And finish 2 w., 1 persons and chrome.).

After 4 cm = 10 p. from the dial-up row, perform for decorative bevels on both sides 1 decorative subtraction = 122 (130–138) p. 

To continue the bevels in each 24 (22–20th) p. perform on both sides another 4 times 1 decorative subtraction = 90 (98–106) p. 

After 45 (43.5–42) cm = 112 (108–104) p. from the dial-up row of loops for armholes to close, as on the back, and then on both sides carry out patent edges = 84 (92–100) p. 

Through 11.5 (13–14.5) cm = 28 (32–36) p. from the beginning of the armhole, the average 22 (24–26) points for the neckline temporarily leave and first finish the right side. 

For rounding the neck close from the inside edge in each 2nd p. 5 (6–7) times for 1 p. 

Through 22.5 (24–25.5) cm = 56 (60–64) p. from the start of the armhole, the remaining 26 (28-30) n. of the shoulder temporarily leave.

The second side finish symmetrically. 

Run shoulder seams. Run the side seams, leaving the lower sections for the cuts open (front 5 cm long, rear 18 cm long). 

For the neckline, the left 22 (24–26) section of the front neckline and 32 (36–40) section of the neck of the backrest should be translated into circular needles, dial 25 (24–23) section = 104 (108– 112) p. Knit in a circle 6 p. with a rubber band, for this, alternately knit 2 persons., 2 w., then close all the loops with a double thread, as if with a purl.

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