Knitted Nice Blouse Free Pattern

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34/36 (40/42) 44/46

You will need to
Yarn (46% Alpaca wool, 30% cotton, 8% fleece, 8% Polyester, 8% polyamide; 150 m/50 g)-150 (150) 200 g silver-cream;
Yarn (70% mohair, 30% silk; 210 m/50 g)-100 (100) 125 g cream-grey melange; Spokes № 4.5 and 5.5; Circular Spokes № 6; Hook № 5.

Patterns and diagrams

The Main pattern from the stretch
Number of Loops multiple 4 + 1 + 2 chrome. Knit according to the scheme. On the scheme are the facial and Purls ranks. In width start with chrome. and loops before raport, repeating rapport, finishing loops after rapport and chrome. In height 1 time run from the 1st to the 8th row, then repeat from the 3rd to the 8th row.

The Pattern is knit on circular spokes № 6 and after the 4th p. and 6th P. Loop circuits to move to the top of the spokes and perform one after the other 2 izn. Number of Two persons. Series (thus the new color thread is not reattached, and stretched on the edge of the product from the desired side). Before closing of Loops after the 4th p. Circuits in the last Lyceum series of loops not to take off, and to tie up their obverse.

Facial surface
Facial Rows-facial loops, purls rows-purls loops.

Density of Knitting
15.5 p. x 30 p. = 10 x 10 cm, is associated with the main pattern;
14.5 of the P. x 23 P. = 10 x 10 cm, is connected by the facial smoothness on the spokes № 5.5 silver-cream thread.

Doing the work
On Spokes № 4.5 a silver-cream thread to dial 75 (83) 91 p. and 1-st P. (= N. a row) to touch obverse (this number is not considered in further calculations).

Go to the circular spokes № 6 and continue the work of the main pattern of stretch marks.

Through 55.5 cm = 166 p. From the inlaid series all loops close in one row, with the average 51 p. form a straight edge of the neck, 12 (16) 20 p. On both sides of them-the shoulder edge.

Knit like a backrest.

On Spokes № 5.5 a silver-cream thread to dial for each sleeve on 28 (32) 36 p., 1-st P. (= Izn. A row) to touch obverse and further for a lath to knit a face smooth.

Through 11.5 cm = 26 p. From the inlaid series in the next Lyceum loop between Chrome. Double = On the Spokes 54 (62) 70 p.

Then Press 1. Number of purl and perform another 2 p. Persons. With the same smoothness, in the 1st Number add 1 P. = On the Spokes 55 (63) 71 p.

After 13 cm = 30 p. From the inlaid series go to the circular spokes № 6 and work to continue the main pattern of stretch marks.

Through 40.5 cm = 122 p. From the strap all loops close in one row.

Perform shoulder seams.

The Edge of the neck to tie with a silver-cream thread, performing in a circle 1 p. soyed. Art.

Sew sleeves. Carry out side seams and seams of sleeves.

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