Turquoise blouse crochet free pattern

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Sizes: 38/40 (46/48). 

You will need: yarn (100% eco-cotton: 125 m / 50 g) - 500 (600) g turquoise; Knitting needles number 3.5 and 4; circular needles number 3.5. 

Patterns for knitting a women's pullover with knitting needles 

Pattern 1: (needles number 3.5) elastic = rows in the forward and reverse direction (an odd number). Each row start and finish 1 edge. Facial rows: alternately 1 purl, 1 facial crossed, finish 1 purl; purl rows: alternately 1 face, 1 purl crossed, finish 1 face. Circular rows (even number of loops) = alternately 1 face crossed, 1 purl.

Pattern 2: (needles number 4) openwork pattern (the number of loops is a multiple of 22 + 21 + 2 edging) = knit acc. pattern. On it are given only the front rows and the last purl row. To knit out loops in the non-drawn inside rows according to the pattern, to knit the faces of the crossed with the crossed crossed, to knit the nakida with the wrong side. Start with 1 edge, repeat constantly, repeat loops to the arrow and 1 edge. Constantly repeat the 1st to 48th rows. When performing extensions for the sleeves, make sure that the number of nakidov and knit stitches together within the pattern coincide. 

Knitting density: 23 points x 29 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 

Description of knitting openwork women's pullover with knitting needles

Back: dial on the spokes 111 (133) loops and tie 2 cm for the strap with pattern 1. Continue working with the pattern 2. After 40.5 cm = 118 rows (42 cm = 122 rows) from the strap, close for pro-lines on both sides 1 x 4 then, in each 2nd row, close 2 x 2 paragraphs and 2 x 1 paragraph = 91 (113) p. Later, instead of gray loops at the beginning of the row, knit 2 loops together with the front one, and knit 2 loops at the end of the row together with the inclination to the left (1 loop to remove, as the front, 1 front, then stretch it through the removed loop). After 58 cm = 168 rows (64 cm = 186 rows) from the plank, close the neck 49 for the middle section and finish both sides separately. For rounding along the inner edge, close in each 2nd row 2 x 3 sections. Close the remaining 15 (26) shoulder sections after 60 cm = 174 rows (66 cm = 192 rows) from the strip.

Before: knit like a back, but for a deeper neck already after 56 cm = 162 rows (62 cm = 180 rows) from the plank close the average 27 points and close 2 x 4 points and 3 x 3 points on the inner edge. 

Sleeves : type on the spokes for each sleeve 53 (67) loops and tie 2 cm for the slat with pattern 1. Continue with pattern 2. while for the 1st size distribute the pattern from the middle. Simultaneously add for bevel sleeves on both sides in each 10th row from the 10x1 strap strip (in each 8th row 12x1 st.) Acc. pattern = 73 (91) p. After 36 cm = 104 rows from the bar, close the sleeves for the dresser on both sides with 1 x 4 p., then in each 2 nd row close 1 x 3 p., * 1 x 2 p. and 1 x 1 p., From * repeat 6 more times (1 x 3 p. And 14 x 2 p.). The remaining 17 (21) p. Close through 47 cm = 136 rows from the strip.

Assembly: perform shoulder seams. For a strap, type 122 loop on the edge of the neck on the circular needles and tie 2 cm in pattern 1. Then close all the loops in accordance with the pattern. Sew the sleeves, complete the side seams and the seams of the sleeves.

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