Blouse with Short Sleeves Free Pattern

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Blouse with short sleeves. Sizes 36/38, 40/42 and 4446. The large size of the 
Brackets if they differ from the size of 36/38. 
Material: Art. 3 Steinbach Nizza 400 (450) (600) G. Caribic UD 102, pair of spokes-N9 5. 
Purl Surface: persons. R.-N., N. P.-N. P. 
Perforated strip: Knit According to the scheme, where only persons are indicated. P., N. P. Knit on the figure. Repeat 1-7 p. 
Attention: Knit in 2 strands. 
Density of Knitting: 16 p. and 22 P. = 10x10 Sm. 
Backrest: Dial 64 (72) (86) p. and knit faces. Surface. At the height of 30 (32) (38) cm for the sleeve of the sleeves close 5х1 
(5х1) (6х1) p. At the height of 50 (52) (58) cm for neck cut close the middle 20 p. and finish the sides 
Separately, thus for rounding to close with the about. Sides 5х1 (5х1) (6х1) p. At height 52 (54) (60) cm close 
The remaining p. Shleca. 
Before: Dial 64 (72) (86) p. and knit. P. Persons. Next: 
Size 1: Chrome. P., 14 N., 34 p. Perforated strip, 14 N. P., Krom. P. 
Size 2: Chrome. P., 18 N., 34 p. Perforated strip, 18 H. P... Chrome. P. 
Size 3: Chrome. N., 24 h. P., 34 p. Perforated strip, 24 N. M., Chrome. P. 
At the height of 30 (32) (38) cm make the Ubavki as a stitch. At height 42 (44) (46) cm Close for neck cut 
Middle 16 (16) (18) p. and finish the sides separately, thus for rounding close 2x2 and 5х1 (6х1) p. 
Height 52 (54) (56) cm Close the remaining n. 
Sleeves: Dial 44 (44) (50) cm and knit. Surface. Make in the middle of the hole strip. For bevel Sleeves 
Add to the. Sides of the EA. 6th R. and 2х in EA. 4th (2х in EA. 6x and 6x in Ea. 4th P.) to 1 p. height 
14 (14) (16) cm to make the ubavki as on the backrest. At the height of 22 (22) (24) cm close all n. 
Assembly: Make stitches, fit sleeves. Tie Neck 1 p. 6/N and 1 p. Raby. 

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