Fishnet Pullover Free Pattern

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Size: 38/40 (42/44 in) 46/48

You will need: 400 (450) 450 g of black yarn Scarlett (100% cotton, 105 m/50 g) and 100 (100) 150 g of black yarn Mystik (54% cotton, 46% viscose, 110 m/50 g); Hook № 3.5. 

Main pattern, Thread Scarlett: number of typesetting p. Multiple 8 + 5 + 1 AD. P. lifting. Knit by scheme 1. Each p. Start with 1 or 3. P. Rise instead of the 1st art. b/N or 1st art. S/N and loops before rapport, repeating rapport, finishing loops after rapport. Link 1 time from 1st to 5th p., then repeat from 2nd to 5th p.

Square, Thread Mystik: Tie a chain of 8. N. and conclude it with 1 coed. Art. In a circle. Then knit a circular p. According to the diagram 2. Each circular p. Start with the marked. P. Start and finish 1 nozzle. Art. In the last build. P. start. Link 1 x 1st + 2nd circular R.

Density of Knitting: 
Main pattern: 22.5 patterned p. and 9 P. = 10 x 10 cm or 2.5, respectively, of rapport = 9 cm; 
Square: 5.75 x 5.75 cm.

Backrest: Tie 9 (10) 11 squares and sew them into the lane. 

Tie 1 long side thread Scarlett 117 (129) 141 p. of the main pattern. At the same time at the height of the main pattern 11 cm leave for the pritaliya on both sides of 1 cm and the next 2nd p. Another 1 cm. 

At the height of the main pattern 19 cm again symmetrically on both sides to add. At the height of the main pattern of 28 cm add to the sleeves on both sides of the 1/2 rapport and in each 2nd P. 3 x 1/2 Raport, 1 x 1 rapport and 1 x 3 raport. 

Finish the work at the height of the main pattern 54.5 (54.5) 56.5 cm.

Before: Knit the same, but finish the work at the height of the main pattern 49 (49) 51 cm.

Assembly: Connect 8 (8) 10 squares and to connect the front and back together evenly Sew 4 (4) 5 squares in the shoulder-sleeve area. 

Leave the middle 22 cm open to cut the neck. 

Perform side seams.

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