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I want to share the experience, perhaps for someone it will be useful. For me, this was a discovery born in pain. knitting, master class
Shawl seems to be one of the simplest, but this simplicity is deceptive. When you start. knit and handle the neck, you face a serious problem: the peculiarity of this mating is such that it is very difficult to make the treatment so that it looks neat. Step to the left, step to the right and the rows fall unevenly, somewhere pulled, somewhere a hole was formed. I tried a lot of ways and as a result I found the only option that seemed really successful to me.

The hinges of the neck didn’t close, but I knitted with  shortened rows with wrapped loops. I will try to describe the process, maybe someone will come in handy. The model, as can be seen in the photo, has raglan sleeves, so I finished the back and sleeves in a straight line, without decreasing, leaving the hinges unclosed. But before ... On the two halves of the shelves,  
at first I didn’t dovevyazyval 13 central loops, leaving on the needle (their number depends on the thickness of the yarn and the shape of the cut), and then knit in shortened rows (not dock in each second row on one loop, wrapping its working thread). 

We knit all the garter stitch loops to the last closest to the middle of the neck, remove it, without knitting, entwined. 

The principle of tying entwined loops: 

1. Thread at work, remove the loop on the right knitting needle.

2. Move the thread forward between the removed loop on the right needle and the next loop on the left needle. 

3. Remove the same loop on the left needle. 

4. Turn work to the other side. The loop is twisted. Continue to knit a  
garter stitch in the opposite direction following the loop. 

After the end of the knotting of the shelves, assemble the unclosed loops of all parts (shelves, sleeves, necks) in order on the circular needles and perform the tying of the neck. At the same time, when knitting looped loops, insert a needle under the loop and into the loop and knit them together. 

In this variant of processing, the connecting line of the strapping is obtained neat, without holes and irregularities.


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