How to Knit Gum Patronage

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This beautiful elastic band is two-sided. It is more elastic and dense than usual and is perfect for knitting slats, zippers, collars. It is knitted very simply: only with the help of facial loops and some loops are removed untight. For the pattern of the pattern, the number of loops is multiplied by a multiple of 4, plus 3 loops for the symmetry of the pattern, plus 2 edge loops. 

1 row: * 3 facial, 1 loop untied, thread before work *, 3 facial; 
2nd row: 1 front, 1 loop untied, thread before work, 1 face, * 2 front, 1 loop untied, thread before work, 1 face *. 
Next, the pattern is repeated from the first row. 

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