Baby Cardigan Free Pattern

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56 – 62 (68 – 74) 80 – 86 
You will need 
Yarn (70% cotton, 30% polyamide; 90 m/50 g) 250 g white; Spokes № 6; Short circular spokes № 6; Hosiery Spokes № 6; Hook № 6; 6 light brown buttons. 
Patterns Facial Surface 
Facial Rows-facial loops, purls rows-purls loops. 
Purl Smooth Facial rows – purls loops, purls rows – facial loops; In circular rows all loops knit purl. 
Pearl pattern 1 persons., 1.; In the trail. Number pattern offset by 1 p. 
Button Hole 1 p. Close and in the trail. Row dial again. 
The density of knitting 16.5 p. x 26 P. = 10 x 10 cm, is connected by the facial smoothness. 
Attention! The backrest and the shelves of the coat are knitted with a single cloth. 
Performance of work coats 
Dial 119 (137) 155 p. And for the bottom strap to perform 2 cm pearl pattern. Then knit between the crown reverse of the smooth, with the first and last 4 p. Continue to knit pearl pattern (= strap fasteners). At the same time the thread of contrasting color to note 38 (44) 50th p., and also 81 (93) 105 p. From the right edge and for Skosov in each 12 (14) 16-th P. 1 times, and then in each 10 (12) 14-th P. 2 times to pass the marked loop together with the following loop reverse = 113 (131) 149 p. 
After 9 (12) 15 cm from the bottom strap after the 5th and 17th loop from the left edge to execute 1 times 2 holes for buttons, then after 4 (5) 6 cm from these holes perform 2 more x 2 holes as described above. 
Simultaneously through 16.5 (19.5) 22.5 sm from the bottom lath to distribute loops as follows: Projazat the first 33 (39) 45 p. (= the Right shelf), 6 p. Close for armbands of the right sleeve, to touch 35 (41) 47 p. (= back), 6 p. To close for armhole of the left sleeve, 33 (39) 45 p. (= left shelf). Details to finish separately. 
Continue knitting the backrest between the Crown loops reverse the stitch. 
In 8.5 (10.5) 12.5 cm from the beginning of the armhole close the Middle 17 (19) 21 p. To cut the neck and both sides to knit separately. At the height of 9.5 (11.5) 13.5 cm from the beginning of the armhole close the remaining loops of the shoulders. 
Right Shelf 
Continue knitting the right shelf after the strap fastener reverse the smooth finish. At the height of 2.5 (4.5) 6.5 cm from the beginning of the armholes from the right edge knit the first 10 (11) 12 p. Pearl pattern. 
At the height of 4.5 (6.5) 8.5 cm from the beginning of the armhole for the neck from the right edge close 1 x 10 (14) 18 p., and then in each 2nd p. 1 x 7 p., 1 x 3 p., 1 x 2 p. and 2 x 1 p. 
The remaining loops of the shoulder close at the backrest height. 
Left Shelf 
Finish in a mirrored display while still completing the remaining holes for the buttons. 
Dial 27 (29) 33 p. And for a lath to execute 2 SM a pearl pattern. 
Further to knit between kromovyi reverse a smooth, thus for skosov from both parties to add in each 8-th p. 3 (2) 0 x 1 P., and then in each 6th p. 0 (3) 7 x 1 P. through 12 (15) 18 cm from a lath to continue to knit between a crown pearl pattern. After 14 (17) 20 cm from the strap all loops close. 
The parts are slightly moistened, put on the pattern and leave to dry. Perform shoulder seams. Sew the sleeves so that the middle of the sleeve coincides with the shoulder line. Carry out side seams and seams of sleeves. On edge of a neck to dial on circular spokes 55 (59) 63 p., thus on both parties on the first 5.5 (6) 6.5 cm from laths of shelves of a loop do not dial. For a collar the first and last 4 p. Projazat A pearl pattern, other loops to knit a face smooth, thus in each 2nd P. After and before loops of a lath to add 4 x 1 P. 
At an altitude of 4 cm from the beginning of the collar all loops knit a pearl pattern of 2 centimeters, then loops close. Sew the buttons. At the end, all the seams are slightly steaming. 
On hosiery spokes to dial 60 (66) 72 p., loops to distribute on 4 spokes and to knit for a lath 5 SM circular rows a pearl pattern. Next, knit with circular rows of reverse gladyu. After 6 (7) 8 cm from the lath to execute Ubavki: 1st P.: Each 9 + 10 (10 + 11) 11 + 12-th p. Projazat together the front. These loops are in all circular rows knit facial. 
Ubavki repeat in each 2nd row of another 6 (7) 8 times, and always carry out the Ubavki over the Ubavkami of the 1st row. The number of loops between the decreases each time will decrease by 1 p. Facial loops in circular rows without decreases always tie facial. 
The remaining 18 p. Hard to pull the working thread. 
Of the folded double thread tie the crochet chain of the VP length of about 45 cm. The middle of a chain to sew to a cap, and the chain to tie a bow.

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